Guest Post: Your Girl Curlz

Hiya Enthusiasts! Because of the absolutely crazy week I’ve had with touring San Francisco, meeting Meghan Trainor, and working full work days, a blog post is kind of thing for next week. But because I love you all so much, you deserve a new post! That’s why Alex from Your Girl Curlz (otherwise known as my travel/cuddle/concert buddy) has something great written for you!



Hola, Enthusiasts!

Curlz here! Morgan has been so lovely as to let me write on her blog! Isn’t that awesome? The answer is yes. That is awesome.

We recently went to a concert in San Francisco. We took the city by the hand and made it our bestie! The trip was amazing and I know we will both have so many memories from it. Our trip also got me thinking about something…Read More

Welcome Wednesdays 4: Your Girl Curlz

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 24: Welcome Wednesdays


Bonjour Enthusiasts! It is a Wednesday (and the first day in my new apartment) and while I go explore the complex, I thought I’d share with you some wise words from my dear friend Alex from Your Girl Curlz. Alex is a dear, dear friend of mine who I go on many adventures with (Utah|Seattle|Cali) and she has lots of insight, so having her write for the blog is great! I hope you’ll love what she has to say as much as I do, and you’ll give her lots of awesome feedback. Take it away, Alex!

Hola Enthusiasts! Alexandra Reyes is in the house so raise the roof! *raises the roof* Only joking. I hope it hasn’t been too long that you don’t remember me! But in case you have, here’s me in three words: curlz, loud, and fun. I am that one chica who did a guest post on Morgan’s fabulous blog back in February. Now I’m back again for her Everyday Enthusiasm Welcome Wednesday, and, man, am I happy about that! As one of my mottos being be strong, be brave, be you, the intention of this post is to bring up ones spirits amidst our daily commotions. I hope y’all enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy eating hot Cheetos! -A

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