An Enthusiastic Year in Review

We made it through 2015!

2015 has been an insane year! So much has happened and I’m literally bursting with so much joy and pain this year has caused. It’s really been a wild time and it’s time to review it all!

There are 3 parts to this review. 1) Goals accomplished in 2015 2) Numbers of 2015 and 3) 2015 Enthusiast stats. These will hopefully make a full review of what has been a truly rounded year.Read More

Morgan's Year in Review

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s popular for everyone to share what happened to them this year. And because sometimes I go with the flow, I’m going to do that too! As the year has progressed I’ve written down the cool/important/funny things that have happened to me, and now I’m ready to share them with you! Let’s see my 2014!

Morgan’s 2014: A Year of Insanity, Hilarity, and So Many Concerts

1. That Church Fainting Episode

There’s nothing like going into a Catholic church (as a non-Catholic) on Good Friday and fainting dramatically twenty minutes into Mass. Yep, big noise, knocked over a chair, and bonked my head. At least “the spirit was flowing through me,” as my dad said.

2. Hello 19, It’s Lovely to Be Here

I welcomed my 19th year of life on this planet. I learned a lot since I turned 18¬†and I’ve definitely decided that 19 is my favourite age so far. I look forward to seeing all that it brings until my birthday next spring.Read More