Opportunity Abounding, Free Time Lacking!

*Note: I am definitely going to brag about my life, but there is some updates too, so stick with me.

During this term I am taking a Media Professions course, in which people of different journalistic careers come in and discuss their success stories with us. After each class I leave thinking, “There is no way I am going to be as successful as these people.”

Coming into journalism I knew it would be difficult to take the industry by storm. So many people are looking to make a name out there, and since people can barely pick me out of a crowd of all the other brunette girls, I can’t see why they would be able to do so on a piece of paper.

And so, with help from my research-junkie mother, I decided to make myself stand out the best way I can. Build the most impressive resume any editor will ever see. And despite how crazy my friends think I am (They are waiting for me to die of exhaustion) I have managed to snatch some incredibly lovely positions for writing and journalism in general, plus a paid position! I am beginning my journey into journalism, and i thought I would give you all a sneak peek!Read More

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Discover Passion

I love my J100 class. I love my J100 class.

When glancing over my class schedule for this term, when I had expected that my Media Professions class would bore me, I have found that it is truly my favorite class. It is my Monday and Wednesday 2 o’clock drug.

The man who teaches my class, William Ryan, should honestly consider a career in motivational speaking. I would pay money to listen to him…wait, I already do…

In class Wednesday he gave us a basic overview of everything we should be doing to advance in our Journalism careers. And there is one thing he said that really spiked my blood.

Discover passion. Love what you do. Live your life!

I spent two hours in class with so many emotions running through me that I am surprised I did not cry. Because all people tell you do is to follow the motions: Go to university, get married, have kids, retire, die. But how often tell you to do what you enjoy and run willy nilly with it? Answer: once in a lifetime.

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And I Will Always Love You, Seamus Finnigan

On Sunday, another article from me was published on Huffington Post. I’m not going to lie, this one is definitely something funny and goofy and if it doesn’t make you giggle a bit, you are reading it wrong.

In this post I defend secondary characters in books and how fantastic they are, along with my favorite, Seamus Finnigan. I have, and always will be, an enthusiast, and this article is an enthusiast’s way to defend characters.

Below I have posted the teaser and I hope you like it and start to see Seamus Finnigan (and other fantastic secondary characters) a different way.



At some point we have fallen in love with the main character of a book or film. These characters are designed to draw the audience in, of which they do a fantastic job. And while we fawn over these characters and paste them on our walls, we forget some of the most priceless characters of the films, the ones we really should be crushing on.

The secondary characters.

I have been in love with Seamus Finnigan since I was six years old. That is when I read my first Harry Potter book, and the first film came out, and I was introduced to my absolute favorite secondary character.

All the other kids were going on and on about Harry Potter and how cool he was, “The Chosen One.” But no one seemed to notice the absolute brilliance that was Seamus Finnigan. He is the kid who blows things up (usually blasting off his eyebrows) and has this adorable Irish accent. If you weren’t in love with Seamus Finnigan when I was six, I didn’t think we could be friends. CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE HERERead More

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Fame Didn't Change Me, It Made Me

There was a  point last month where I realized something. I had, in some small way, made it big.

It started with my couple journeys to being Freshly Pressed and moved onto my articles on Huffington Post Teen. From there, it was the influx of Twitter followers, closely followed by the vast number of blog subscribers I was accumulating every day. It was an insane amount of people coming into my life, and I wasn’t sure how to react.

I hate to call this fame, but in a way it is. Writers and bloggers aren’t celebrated in the same ways as actors or vloggers. We are subtle in our art and rarely truly celebrated for our work. It’s not that we aren’t appreciated, it just isn’t done with people making Twitter accounts using our names.Read More

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Look Mummy, I’m 3


We’ve having a birthday party!

Three years ago today, I sat down with my laptop and decided to start a blog. I named the blog “Teenage Enthusiasm” because I am a teenager (15 at the time) and am, and always will be, an enthusiast.

Upon starting my blog, I did not see myself garnering any sort of audience. I write for myself and,let’s face it, I was a young girl living in a small town. My dreams of writing weren’t incredibly ambitious.Read More

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Why Do Writers Write?

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I’ve been writing since I learned what a pencil was. My second grade teacher,Mrs. Snyder, would call me Harriet the Spy, in reference to the popular book, as I would carry a journal with me everywhere and would constantly be writing in it. That journal was an extension of my limb, it was part of me. It was what made me a writer.

Harriet the Spy!!

The day one decides to be a writer is one of the most influential in life. It is the day where life come to color and you realize that you can use your words for expression. It is the day when you no longer have to keep to yourself, you can leave a mark.

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The Conflict of Content

I was sat in my J201 lecture today and my professor said something that made me think and immediately rush home after lecture to write down my thoughts on the topic because I had to share this with someone.He said,

“What makes a journalist? How is a writer for the New York Times different from your everyday blogger? What makes some content more important than others?”

And it totally puzzled me.

Here I am, an eighteen-year-old blogger with hopes of becoming a journalist and writing about every imaginable topic and I can’t even answer the question of whether hard news or me discussing my thoughts on dorm food is actual journalism content.

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Confessions of a Writer

From writing essays in school to typing up a blog post each week to trying to finish my summer novel (only a few more chapters to go), I guess you could call me a writer.

There are two kinds of writers. Those who create a literary work and modestly say that while it exists, it is not the best written or even well written. And then there are those who create something and believe it is the work of the Lords above and everyone should read this beautiful piece of art. I fall into the first category. No matter how much work or effort is put into a piece, I accept it for what it is. Moderate.

I’ve been writing for a long time, but only on the Internet for a few short years. In this time you’ve allowed me to experiment in many forms and grow my writing abilities. Over this time you have also asked me questions. While I have answered some of them, I have kept a short list of questions you have had for me in my writing process, especially on blog posts and novels. I’m going to share my answers now.

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Fame, iPads, and Tacos (Six Things I could Have Written About)

A/N: Please check the bottom of this post (below the signature) for a special message from me about an awesome event happening soon!

I’m full of ideas.

I’m empty of motivation.

I’m halfway through my summer (I head to school the end of September) and I’m in full summer schlump. I have all these great ideas for blog posts and I’m really excited to write all of them! Until I actually get to my laptop and start typing. Then a structure of about four sentences happens before I am sucked of all energy and go back to texting and watching Will & Grace.

When I get an idea for a blog post I write it down in the Notes app on my phone. But as I never get past a few sentences, I decided to combine all of the ideas I’ve had into one convenient post. So, here you are, a six-in-one blog post!

1. Why I Don’t Want to Be Famous


Sitting in the car last weekend a story came on the radio about Simon Cowell and his pregnant…lady friend? My mother and I listened to the story and sat in silence a moment before my mother said, “Fame isn’t what it used to be. Why would you want to be famous now?” And it’s true. When I was seven all I wanted was to be in the limelight and do movies and sign autographs. Now it’s all being mobbed and having the press find every last imperfect thing about your life and making it public. Fame isn’t as glamorous as it once was. Now it is the hunger games.

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A ‘Pan’ Summer

As you may have noticed if you follow my Twitter or Tumblr, I recently uploaded a picture that looked something like this…

Yes, that really is a picture of several books about Peter Pan. Now, why would a person need five books about Peter Pan (with several more on the way?) Here’s why. I’m writing a book on Peter Pan.

Now, I tried being an author back in 2009. And although I did write a full-length novel, it was not exactly the next Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling. So, I gave up on that dream and moved on to journalism.

I’m trying this author thing again because I’ve found a subject that I’m really familiar with and feel confident about writing. Peter Pan. Peter is a boy who I grew up with. I feel like I know him more than a person should know a fictional character. And that’s why I feel like I can write a true-to-fact story about him. I just know him so well.Read More