Opportunity Abounding, Free Time Lacking!

*Note: I am definitely going to brag about my life, but there is some updates too, so stick with me.

During this term I am taking a Media Professions course, in which people of different journalistic careers come in and discuss their success stories with us. After each class I leave thinking, “There is no way I am going to be as successful as these people.”

Coming into journalism I knew it would be difficult to take the industry by storm. So many people are looking to make a name out there, and since people can barely pick me out of a crowd of all the other brunette girls, I can’t see why they would be able to do so on a piece of paper.

And so, with help from my research-junkie mother, I decided to make myself stand out the best way I can. Build the most impressive resume any editor will ever see. And despite how crazy my friends think I am (They are waiting for me to die of exhaustion) I have managed to snatch some incredibly lovely positions for writing and journalism in general, plus a paid position! I am beginning my journey into journalism, and i thought I would give you all a sneak peek!Read More

Willy Loman Inspired This…Again

Two years ago I wrote a post called “Willy Loman Inspired This” (read this post before you read this one) where I stole a note out of the play Death of a Salesman and created a list of things I wanted to do with my life. Since then I have matured. I’m 18 years old now and I have discovered more about myself, figured out a bit more of my future, and I have a bit more insight to how I really want to spend the next 70 years or so. Or at least more than I did when I was 16.

Because of this, I’ve decided to redo my list. To make changes that come with maturing and figuring out that the life you thought you wanted when you were 16 isn’t exactly what you want when you’re 18. This list is a bit longer and a bit more specific, but one thing about me is that I like to make lists. Lists that I can look back to for a reference. So while I am off being an adult for the next oh-so-many years, I can look back at this measly post and see if I am living up to what I expected. So, let’s get started, yeah?

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Bringing Groovy Back, Baby!

Nerd Post #1 – Apple Apps

For all of you with your iPod Touches,and your iPhone, and your fancy schmany iPads you know exactly what I am talking about. Apps.

Apps are these little applications you can get for your iPod Touch, iPhones and iPad. There are millions of them, each with different little actions for you to use it.

Now, the reason this is a Nerd Post is because this is something that when Apps came out, all of the nerds in the world got on their knees and thanked God. Below are some of my favorite Apps that I use and that you should too because they are so flippin’ cool.

iStudiez – iStudiez is an App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s function is to keep your schedule and organize all that goes with it. Within your day, you can have your classes, appointments, etc. And with those you can put your assignments, notes and calendar for upcoming events. This App has truly saved my life several times.

image ALL-IN-ONE LOGIC GAME BOX – This App is a game that will continue to keep your entertained. I like it because it’s not just one game, but several games all pushed into one App. When I’m sitting in a really long lecture or even just sitting around the house, this App will be on for hours while I play each game and never get bored.

image TONEPAD – TonePad will keep all ages entertained. And it’s super basic to use too. All you have to do is tap the dots you want highlighted and the App just plays music based on the dots you have highlighted. I especially enjoying having it when I am babysitting, as I just have to shove my iPhone under their noses and they are happy for hours. But it really is a cool little device.

image FRUIT NINJA – If you enjoy fruit and cutting things, this is your App. The basic idea is to slash the fruit quicker than your opponent or your highest score. It’s pretty simple stuff but so much fun to play. Personally, I enjoy playing it on iPad best.


WORDPRESS – So, since I am on a WordPress site, I thought I should definitely get all of you hooked onto this App like I am. Since I am always not near my laptop since I do have a life and cannot carry it with me everywhere, I do have to post for all of you.And with this little App, I can write blog posts and publish them, put up pictures of anything and everything, and even look at comments. It makes blogging a on-the-go thing and I can write about getting my Starbucks while in Starbucks. Yay!

image And those are all of my absolute favorite Apps! Other interesting ones are Facebook, Angry Birds, Bump, Labelbox, Tap Tap Revenge 4, and Unblock Me. Thank you so much for reading and have fun downloading your Apps.


P.S. If you would like to see any of your ideas for Nerd Post, please e-mail them to mo425@q.com.