Your #InternationalWomen'sDay Book List

Today is International Women’s Day, and I am so proud to be standing side-by-side with so many amazing women in this world. Everyone deserves a voice, and it is a day like today that reminds us what a voice women have.

Some of these voices are shown in literature in amazing feminist books that everyone should read. They make us laugh, they inspire us to action, or they tell a story of exactly what life has been like for women in the past. I hope you will take time during Women’s History Month and read a few.

#InternationalWomensDay Book List

*Note: These books are only a few of great books that I’ve read (that are more mainstream), there are many more out there (that are amazing and just not as popular on Barnes & Noble shelves) and I encourage you to open up your library like I will be doing this month.Read More

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The One About Feminism

The other week I talked about equality and why I think equality is something we should make a reality in our world.

This week I want to talk about feminism.

Sometimes people confuse the words equality and feminism. Feminism is a subcategory of equality. Equality covers fundamental rights, non-straight marriage, discrimination and feminism, along with several other things. And when discussing these topics you need to be pretty clear on what exactly you’re speaking about as to not confuse people. Last week I briefly covered each of the topics under equality. This week I’m discussing one – feminism.Read More