9 Scarves For The Winter Chill

The chilly winter has set in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s cold. Very cold. I have become the girl who sits in meetings in a puffer jacket, and the tip of my nose is permanently red. But who can be cold when there are lots of scarves to be worn?


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Favourites Friday #56

Okay, I’m over this snowy weather.

I love cool weather, bundling up in a cute outfit, drinking hot cocoa, slipping in front of the cute guy in the other building…but I’m kind of sick of the snow. My car won’t move, roads are a mess, and I still have to go to work.

Can we fast forward to spring?

Even though this snow has got me down, it has allowed me to break out some of the rarely seen parts of my wardrobe. And that was fun for me, because sometimes we forget how much we love those items that get tossed in the back once the seasons roll round.

This week’s favourites are a collection of the items that have become a godsend on this cold winter mornings.Read More