Welcome Wednesdays 4: Your Girl Curlz

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 24: Welcome Wednesdays


Bonjour Enthusiasts! It is a Wednesday (and the first day in my new apartment) and while I go explore the complex, I thought I’d share with you some wise words from my dear friend Alex from Your Girl Curlz. Alex is a dear, dear friend of mine who I go on many adventures with (Utah|Seattle|Cali) and she has lots of insight, so having her write for the blog is great! I hope you’ll love what she has to say as much as I do, and you’ll give her lots of awesome feedback. Take it away, Alex!

Hola Enthusiasts! Alexandra Reyes is in the house so raise the roof! *raises the roof* Only joking. I hope it hasn’t been too long that you don’t remember me! But in case you have, here’s me in three words: curlz, loud, and fun. I am that one chica who did a guest post on Morgan’s fabulous blog back in February. Now I’m back again for her Everyday Enthusiasm Welcome Wednesday, and, man, am I happy about that! As one of my mottos being be strong, be brave, be you, the intention of this post is to bring up ones spirits amidst our daily commotions. I hope y’all enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy eating hot Cheetos! -A

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Welcome Wednesdays 3: KatySuzie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 17: Welcome Wednesdays


 Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am literally jumping in my seat in excitement to share today’s Welcome Wednesday! I talked a lot about her in this post, but I finally get to share the amazement that is my best friend from the blog KatySuzie! This is Katy’s first time guest blogging and I’m blown away with how great I find her post. She definitely nails the horse on the head about her topic and I’m so proud to be showing her off to all of you! Hopefully you all fall in love with her as much as I am. And with that, I’ll let you do the do with Katy and her post about vacationers!

Hello everyone, I’m Katy! It’s such an honor to be a guest blogger for my good friend Morgan and I am super excited! I write on a blog called KatySuzie (of course that is when I remember to write up my thoughts and ideas) and am currently enrolled in a program to become an elementary school teacher through Eastern Oregon University. My hobbies and interests encompass so much and I am so fascinated by this world that we live in that the things I’m not interested in would be a much shorter list, but, for some background I’ll name a few. I love camping and being outdoors, cooking, and oddly enough working.

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Welcome Wednesdays 2: Put On Your Lipstickk

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 10: Welcome Wednesdays


Hola dear Enthusiasts! Today on Welcome Wednesday, we are going to welcome a new blogger buddy of mine, Alanna from Put On Your Lipstickk! When Alanna approached me months ago about working together, I was so excited to have her write for the blog! We’ve been talking and it’s great to have someone with a bit older voice on the blog, as we all know I’m kind of growing out of my teenage years. I hope you all enjoy what Alanna has to say as much as I do! So, without further ado, let’s say a big Welcome Wednesday to Alanna!

You can view my post on Alanna’s blog here.


In Between

Hello Enthusiasts,

I am so very excited to be writing my FIRST GUEST POST!! Not only is it my first guest post, but I have also gotten the wonderful opportunity to work with Morgan, the teenage enthusiast, who is so very inspirational and enlightening at such a young age. When I first read her blog I thought I was reading a twenty something’s blog who had just kept the blog name from when she was a teenager. When I found out she was only 19, I was surprised and so proud for her even though we hadn’t yet spoken.


She and I are very similar in what we are trying to accomplish with our blogs, and I see a lot of myself in her even at my ripe old age of 24. Now, I have a full time job, and I’m working on my graduate program, but I (most of the time) still feel like that carefree (but serious when necessary) 19 year old I see in Morgan. I want to thank Morgan so much for doing this with me, and I hope she wants to do it again very soon!! You rock, Morgan! Keep it up


Today I want to talk about feeling in between. Some of you may be thinking, “What is she talking about?” But I’m willing to guess that the people who have been in this limbo (shall I say) of in between knew exactly what I meant as soon as they read it.

Let me try and define it:

     -In between- an area of life (mentally and physically, I suppose) where you haven’t quite grown into or started a part of life that almost everyone you know has, but you’ve also outgrown some of your old ways.

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Welcome Wednesdays 1: wickedadorable

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 3: Welcome Wednesdays


Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am welcoming my dear friend Angela from wickedadorable to Everyday Enthusiasm! Angela is one of my best friends from school (and my Anglophile twin) and I’m so excited to be sharing her writing today! I hope you’ll love Angela as much as I do because she’s kind of awesome. So let’s welcome Angela!

Angela Maya is a second year student at the U of O, geeks out over shows like Doctor Who and Supernatural, and is a devoted Anglophile. She enjoys singing, trying out new recipes, all kinds of tea, and reading more than is likely healthy. She would also like to thank Morgan for this guest opportunity, as she is returning to her blog wickedadorable after a prolonged hiatus!

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