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Favourites Friday #75: Prepping for Summer

After a long and miserable winter here in Portland, we’re finally starting to see some sun for more than a few hours. Which is fantastic, considering that the first day of summer is in a month.


To celebrate, I’ve been starting my prep for what products will be my go-to for the hottest months. Between waterfront festivals, patio dinners with friends, and lazy Saturdays in the park, it’s important to look my best and feel comfortable no matter what the heat says. Continue reading

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Favourites Friday: Dutch Chinese Grace & Warby Take Naps

Favourites Friday

Once again, it’s our favourite day, Favourites Friday! Who’s ready to talk about my favourites from this week?

To give some context to my favourites, describing my weekend will make them make so much more sense. All week I’ve been pretty sick (nausea and all over pain, it’s been so fun I feel like I’ve gone through chemo) and it’s given me no sleep so I have no energy. Plus, I had some work training that was draining and the weather was all over the place. So when it came to favourites this week, I wanted something that was comforting, relaxing, and made my bad week just a little bit better. Because when it come to my weekly enthusiasms, you know they always hit the spot! Continue reading

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Talk About It Tuesdays 2: Donations, Awareness & Action

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 9: Talk About It Tuesdays

Talk About It Tuesdays

As you know, the AlS Ice Bucket Challenge is a huge deal right now, even as we get to the tail end of it. The point of the challenge was to dump ice water on your head and donate to the charity, nominating several other friends to do the same in 24 hours. The point of these challenges is to raise awareness for the charity so that they can receive donations. It is not about looking fearless covered in ice water.

You can watch my ice bucket challenge here (I ended up doing it twice). Yes, I do talk with my hands a lot. Continue reading

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