Favourites Friday #64: That {lactose} Intolerant Life

One of the worst things that ever happened to me was finding out that I am lactose intolerant. No, not because I could no longer chug 2% milk, but I found out because my stomach had horrible grumbling fits during my 5th period chemistry class where I sat right behind my crush.

Yes, milk was the cause of my tragic lack of love.


But six years later I have learned to deal with leaving lactose out of my diet. No, it’s not quite as fun as eating whatever you want, but adopting a more dairy-free diet has definitely improved my health and made eating with friends with an actual allergy not as bad.

Below are five amazing tricks to eating lactose-free in the last few years (and some in the last week) that I think everyone should try because they taste just as good as the lactose!Read More

Talk About It Tuesdays 1: Veggies & Low Carb

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 2: Talk About It Tuesdays

Talk About It Tuesdays

On Talk About It Tuesdays, I like to discuss topics that we’re all going to have different feelings on. This week we’re going to discuss going vegetarian and low carb.

Last week I decided to see if I could go without meat and with little carbs in my diet. And I did it. And I loved it.

Growing up in SoCal, the usual meal of my childhood was tritip steak, bread, and salad. Every time we have guests for dinner this is what we have. Which means that meat and bread are kind of my staple foods. And eliminating them from my diet always seemed impossible because what else was I supposed to eat?

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