Favourites Friday No.90

Let’s take a moment to just stretch. Flex your toes, bend your back, and roll your head a few times. Doesn’t that feel better?


In weeks of high stress we rarely take the time to let go of the week. And Friday is the perfect day to do this. We deserve to feel special and important, no matter how the last few days have dragged us down.

This week has been full of highs and lows (high: vacation, facial low: not feeling appreciated at work) and now it’s great to look forward to a nice long weekend to fully recharge.Read More

Travel Tuesday: What to Bring on Your __________ Vacation

Travel Tuesday

Who has their suitcases? It’s Travel Tuesday, which means we’re going on vacation.

Everyone’s vacation is a little bit different. I mean, everyone has different ideas of what counts as a vacation. For my mom it’s about lying poolside and catching up on reading. For my dad it’s getting out into nature. For my brother it’s about playing video games. For me, I like to go somewhere I’ve never been and explore. See, vacation is different for everyone.

That’s why today’s Travel Tuesday is going to cover a variation of vacations, so no matter what you count as a holiday you’re well prepared for packing!Read More

The 8 Essential Vacation Essentials

On Saturday morning at 5:10, I will be on a plane to San Francisco where I shall be soaking up some quality travel time with my girl Alex and listening to the tune of Meghan Trainor at The Masonic. Yes, it shall be the perfect vacation for my weary mind.

But to go on vacation one must have all their essentials to make sure they have the best time ever! And lucky for you, I travel enough to know exactly what you’re going to need on your vacation.

Ticket for One: Everything You Need to Have a Great Vacation

1. A go-to outfit

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Musing Mondays 3: Cali Trip 2k14

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 15: Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays

Hola Enthusiasts! I am back and in action after a seriously awesome vacation! My face broke out, I gained weight from onion rings, and my feet hurt from so much walking. So you know it was a good holiday!

If you live under a rock, you may be unaware of where I’ve been the past few days: LA. My bestest buddies and I decided (okay, there were 9 months of planning) to head down to LA for a few days of intense awesomeness. There was making enemies with fangirls, seeing a handful of amazing artists in six hours, and spending way too much time in airports. Pretty much the perfect vacation, huh? So, in true Musing Mondays fashion, I am going to be reflecting on this wondrous holiday in a play-by-play of my LA trip. (Warning: this post is ridiculously full of info, so sorry in advance for writing a novel. I promise it’s in equal awesomeness to Hunger Games.)

Cali Trip 2k14
(aka, the time I spent a lot of time with attractive boys on stage)


Wednesday was the day it all kicked off! A 3am wake up call started the day for a car trip with the ever favourite Alex. The morning was uneventful, unless you count me kneeling in a dress scrambling to find my plastic liquids bag, or the TSA agent delivering me my scarf in a doggie bowl.

During our layover, we met up with the rest of our girlies for our flight to California. They are kind of my favourites.

Left to right: Miranda, Kelsi, yours truly, Estefany, Alex.  We actually all look decent.

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