Favourites Friday No.79

While Portland has seemed to cast a grey shadow in the middle of June, I’m looking forward to a weekend of good food and good company.


This week was all about taking care of my skin. My hectic schedule seems to have wreaked havoc on everything from my forehead to my heels. That’s why I’m sharing the five products that saved my skin this week and were definitely my favourites.Read More

Favourites Friday #58: New Year, Better Me

As it is the first Favourites Friday of 2017, I am very excited to announce that the theme is products that make me a better/happier person, because that’s what the new year is about: Learning from last year’s mistakes.


This week I really focused on trying things that solved problems I have. I am happy to say that most of my experiments helped and I am looking forward to having a much better year because of it. Life is about trying, and I hope this first week continues this.

Let’s see what I discovered on Week 1, January 2017.Read More