My Weekend Travel Essentials

This weekend I was able to travel out of the the city and enjoy myself in wine country. A weekend away was exactly what I needed. The open air, good wine, and fantastic company!

my weekend travel essentials

Weekend travel is short and sweet, but always worth it. I always make sure to pack my bag for anything I could need, especially when the weather is fluctuating. I love products that can multi-task or work with other pieces as it’s important to pack light while not feeling like you’re missing a limb.

Here is my weekend travel essential list.Read More

Going Somewhere? A Guide to Trip Planning

One of my biggest pleasures in life is traveling. Once I decide to pack my bags, my enthusiasms for the next few weeks are centered around the trip. And going somewhere I’ve never been just makes me buzz with excitement.

Trip Planning Guide

And as excited as I get, a big part of it comes from preparing for the trip itself. As a Type-A girl, I really can’t enjoy myself unless I have some sort of plan as to where I’m staying, what my itinerary is, and what places to eat. I’m all for spontaneity, but I want to make the best of my time.

90% of the time I am Trip Coordinator for my girlfriends – and I’m an assistant who has booked plenty of travel for other people – so I thought today I would share some of my best tricks for putting together a trip that is relaxing to plan and go on.Read More

The Spring Break Starter Kit

As the spring break season approaches, packing your suitcase has become a new to do on your ever growing list.

Spring break is a great time for trying out anything to the beach to the mountains to just staying over at a friend’s. But that means that you need to have the perfect suitcase to fit whatever adventure you’re going on. We all know that a good trip comes from what you pack – and the company you keep! – so making sure to fill that suitcase with the essentials is so important.

Below is the “Spring Break Starter Kit” for any adventure you may find yourself on. Bon voyage!Read More

Favourites Friday #12

Since the last Favourites Friday I have done a lot of traveling. In total it’s been around 7 hours of driving in about four days. Which means my skin is drying out, my hair is frizzy, and, oh, my bum is more numb than a kid on novacaine.

It’s so nice to finally be home for the holidays (despite the small dinosaur of a puppy following me around) and I’m recovering from how much travel takes out of the body. Travel is not easy on the body and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a creaky neck or dessert-level cuticles, when you’re traveling it’s important to have a toolbox of products that will save your appearance so you still look as fly in Dubai as you did in the USA.

This week’s Favourites Friday features the products that saved me this week while going from city to city. And hopefully you’ll find a few to add to your own travel kit!Read More

Hawaii Packing List

HAWAII!┬áIt’s everyone’s dream vacation and I’m on it!

But before I left there was a lot of packing involved. Which meant lots of packing lists and lots of putting in and taking out clothes. But once my suitcase was packed and I was on my way to the land of sand, I was pretty proud of all my packing. So I thought I’d share my list with you.Read More

Travel Tuesday: How to Not Be a Tourist

Travel Tuesday

Who’s ready to jump right in to Travel Tuesday?

I have this pet peeve: Looking like a tourist. There’s something about being so obviously not-from-here that bugs me to no end. I like to look like a local, or at least some impression of a local. And I’m not perfect, believe me, but I do try.

There are some times when being a tourist can put you in serious danger, such as with pickpockets and scam artists. Other times it gives locals a chance to pick you apart in public. And other times, the teenage girl in your group is just embarrassed. Being an obvious tourist is just not an option in this day and age. And that’s why I’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide on how to not look like a tourist for your next getaway.Read More

Travel Tuesday: What to Bring on Your __________ Vacation

Travel Tuesday

Who has their suitcases? It’s Travel Tuesday, which means we’re going on vacation.

Everyone’s vacation is a little bit different. I mean, everyone has different ideas of what counts as a vacation. For my mom it’s about lying poolside and catching up on reading. For my dad it’s getting out into nature. For my brother it’s about playing video games. For me, I like to go somewhere I’ve never been and explore. See, vacation is different for everyone.

That’s why today’s Travel Tuesday is going to cover a variation of vacations, so no matter what you count as a holiday you’re well prepared for packing!Read More

Travel Tuesday: Travel Bucket List

Travel Tuesday

Who’s ready for another Travel Tuesday?

The great thing about Travel Tuesday is that we get to talk about super awesome places. And because of that, why don’t we talk about what super awesome places are on my bucket list? I’m an avid traveler (I try to average one new place a year) and discovering new places and cultures is kind of my thing. I’m so open to the world around me and getting to explore more of it is something I love.

So, who’s ready to check out some places?Read More

Travel Tuesday: Favourite Restaurants Around the World

Travel Tuesday

It’s Travel Tuesday here on Everyday Enthusiasm and that means we’re going to get all travel-y, so pack your suitcase and let’s go!Read More

SF, MTrain & Living Out of a Suitcase

ALERT! Morgan kind of had a crazy week and now it’s time to talk about it!

1. San Francisco


I went to San Francisco!Read More