My Favourite Things at Trader Joe's

My coworker has a joke that I live at Trader Joe’s. And this isn’t as much a joke as a slightly exaggerated truth. I love Trader Joe’s and I am not ashamed of it.

my favourite things at trader joes.pngMy many trips to TJ’s {I can’t help it, it’s only five minutes away} I have tried just about everything on those hallowed aisles. From dips to produce to that glorious frozen aisle, my kitchen is always stocked with the yummiest treats from the always affordable, delicious grocery store we call Trader Joe’s.

Here’s what I always have in my cart…Read More

Favourites Friday #54

You know what I needed this week? A break.

And what better way to take a break than to sit down, eat some snacks, and watch some Netflix? This week that was all I did after work because when you overwork yourself you can’t perform the best, which is bad for everyone. And I want to do my best, so I took a break.

This week’s favourites are what I enjoyed during my breaks and they are things that will make an appearance for many breaks to come.Read More

Favourites Friday #52

I love food.

My family makes fun of me for how much I love food (and openly express it) but I truly do. I believe that the right food can make anything better. And in this week, with my own personal stresses and the nation’s current turmoil, it was time to use good food to lift my mood.

This week I had the pleasure of having my mom in town to take me to Costco, so I was able to treat myself to some things that I normally don’t get to have. And it was so worth it. Here’s what I ate this week!Read More

Favourites Friday #15

Wait, it’s already Friday?!?!

Welcome to the end of the third week of January, aka the coldest week ever, and it’s time to celebrate the weekend with some favourites that make everything a little bit brighter and a whole lot warmer.

This week’s favourites are centered around products that I discovered this week that I just fell in love with. They are products that add a little skip to my step and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too for adding a little pizzaz to what otherwise was a dark and cold week.

So let’s get favouriting!Read More