Tea Time: My Favourite Teas

Tea is the ultimate drink. There, I’ve said it.


I discovered the delightful beverage in high school and found it a much more pleasant alternative to bitter coffee. Ever since, if I’m meeting with a friend, popping into the office, or sitting at home, I almost always have a cup in front of me.

When friends come to visit they know I’ll have a mug ready for them. And over the years there are certain teas I always have in my apartment. A cup a day keeps the yawns away. As I write this, I’m having a chai latte.Read More

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Favourites Friday #59: Snowmageddon

If you’ve been keeping up with Portland weather, you’re aware of the nasty snow storm we just got. Actually, all of Oregon is basically a white wonderland. And it’s basically ruined everyone’s week.


While many can’t leave the house due to ice, and delivery pizza is a dream, I spent this week either bundling up to go to work, or vomiting in my toilet. That’s right, as the snow fell, so did my immune system. But I’m a trooper, and did my best to continue working from home while making it from my laptop to bathroom in under 30 seconds.

This week’s favourites are about how to survive Snowmageddon, and keep healthy when you’re pretty sure you’re dying. Enjoy!Read More

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Favourites Friday #47

It’s time to get back to the basics.

tom cruise risky business

Sometimes life gets a little hectic (such as moving and starting a new job in a week) and you find yourself not knowing up or down. That’s why the basics are there, to ground me to what is really important. And this week I needed that reminder.

My favourites this week are the things that I know keep me going in the direction I want to go. Whether it’s something to entertain me, maintain my personal style, or to just keep me feeling good, it’s on this list.


Read More

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The Insider's Guide to Teatoxing

Okay, what is teatoxing?

It is drinking tea daily for a month to help the body detox. Yes, it is simply that.

I have done a teatox (through Skinny Teatox) and it honestly was not what I expected. And that’s saying a lot, considering social experiments, especially concerning diet, are kind of my specialty. I’ve only consumed green smoothies for weeks, done a chicken and Gatorade diet, gone pescetarian, and just about any other weird food plan you can expect. And yet, teatox was a whole new ballgame.

For my teatox, it involved me drinking the special tea every morning for 28 days and then drinking a night tea every other night. That’s a total of 42 cups of tea total in 28 days. Which is a lot, even for my tea-loving self.

So, what should one expect during/after a teatox? What did I go through? What were problems? What did I like best about it? Well, let me tell you. Warning: Constipation is not a problem.Read More

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How to Feel Better

If you’ve been reading my Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) then you’ll know that starting yesterday I have been feeling quite poorly. That’s why the post I was going to put up yesterday was pushed back today and changed into this one.

As I am ill, I have been taking care of myself and trying to get better as quickly as possible. And I thought I’d share with you guys my steps towards feeling better. So, let’s go!

1. Tea it Up!

A cup of hot tea is such a great way to clean yourself out and warm up your shivering body. This morning I’ve been obsessed with mint green tea. The mint helps my nose and green tea is just good for you. Spicy teas are also good, especially if your nose is really clogged up.

2. Listen to Music


This is going to sound odd, but listening to music really does help. I put together poppy, catchy playlists and listen to them all day. The upbeat music keeps me from feeling down and helps me keep my mood neutral. Above is a screenshot of my current ‘Morgan is Ill’ playlist. As you can tell, British boy bands make really good music for when you are ill (Busted,McFly, One Direction).

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