7 Sweaters For Fall

This week the weather took a full swing and I’ve traded my lemonade and shorts for sweaters and hot tea. It’s bliss.


Fall will always be my favourite season. And as I slowly enjoy the onslaught of rain we’ve been blessed with the past two days, planning out my wardrobe has been a joy. It is the time for cuddly sweaters, thick socks, and boots, boots, boots!

Today I thought I’d share a few sweaters I have my eye on for this autumn.Read More

Favourites Friday #19

Hello all!

As we wind down the week, I find myself realizing that my favourites are things that added comfort and rejuvenated me. After a weekend of fun and little-to-no sleep, getting through this week included a lot of needing stuff to get me back to my normal self. Especially considering all the big assignments I had due.

This week was about getting back to my normal self and choosing products that got me back to my cheery Morgan self! So let’s see what amazing things can do that!Read More

Winter Essentials

Happy post-Election day!

We’re in November now, which means that winter is fast approaching. It’s starting to snow in some places and I’ve had to wear a wool coat on more than one occasion this month. However, even though it is cold, it is time to rejoice! It’s winter, and tis the time for sweaters, tea, and snowballs!

What You Need to Have a Great Winter

1. Sweaters


Toss away your shorts and flip-flops, sweaters are here and thank goodness! My favorite time of year is when I can wear a sweater, scarf, and boots. It’s the perfect outfit and keeps me snuggly warm when the weather is freezing. Sweaters are a person’s best friend.

2. Peppermint Mocha/Tea

Whether you like coffee or tea, peppermint is the way to go for the holiday season. It’s warm, Christmas-y, and is like a party in your mouth. How can you say no to that?

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My Favorites as of This Day

It’s the beginning of April and I’ve realized that I really haven’t given you all a real good look inside my brains as to what my favorite things are. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite things.

FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO – Girls and Boys in Love

Nothing is more entertaining than a bunch of people coming out of the ground!

FAVORITE BOOK – The Perks of Being a Wallflower


I would be lying if I didn’t admit what a wonderful piece of American literature this is. Full of angst, love and confusion, even J.D. Salinger can’t beat this.



It’s warm, comfortable and you can wear it a million different ways!



Both are British, have great pop/rock songs, and know how to make a pretty eye-catching album cover.



Did no one else watch ‘The Brave Little Toaster’? That movie is absolutely the reason I think toasters are so incredibly epic.

If you would like to know more of my favorites, please say so in the comments. And if you have ideas for other blog posts, post those below too. I love to do blogging challenges, so feel free to say whatever!