My Summer Must-Haves

It is officially summer! Today marks the first day of summer and I am ready for warm weather, afternoons by the pool, and lots of iced tea.

my summer must-haves

To prepare for the months of sunny weather ahead, I’ve compiled a list of everything I need to be cool and hydrated for what is sure to be a scorcher ahead.Read More

My Go-To Jewelry for Summer

As the sun begins replacing those long grey days that have been taking over Portland, I look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. Goodbye sweaters and hello linen! And with these fabric changes come some jewelry swaps.Read More

My Summer Skincare Routine

If you were checking the Portland weather this weekend you will know we had lots of sunshine. There were sunglasses to be worn and sunscreen to be slathered on shoulders. After an exceptionally long winter, it seems like sun is finally in season.

summer beauty routine

With sun comes a change in skin, as we are producing more oil and the UV rays are harsh and unforgiving. That’s why I’ve revamped my skincare to take care of this quick change in seasons to make sure I still have a healthy glow while making sure to keep my skin free of oils.
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Favourites Friday #75: Prepping for Summer

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After a long and miserable winter here in Portland, we’re finally starting to see some sun for more than a few hours. Which is fantastic, considering that the first day of summer is in a month.


To celebrate, I’ve been starting my prep for what products will be my go-to for the hottest months. Between waterfront festivals, patio dinners with friends, and lazy Saturdays in the park, it’s important to look my best and feel comfortable no matter what the heat says.Read More

Your Complete(ly Delicious) Summer Hydration Guide

It’s time to fill up your sippy cups, it’s summer!

One of the biggest issues during these hot months is staying hydrated, especially when you’re enjoying a book in the park or going for a walk with your dog. You still need to keep your body filled up with that delicious hydration!

But some people can’t do ten bottles of water a day, so it’s time to turn toward other delicious drinks to keep you going when the sun is at its hottest. That’s why there are plenty of delicious drinks that provide hydration with lots of yummy flavor. And that’s what I’m brought you here!

Below are six sweetly hydrating drinks to keep this summer so that even if you’re sweating, you still look cool as a cucumber.Read More

Summer Beauty Essentials

Anyone else sweating?

Summer is finally upon us and it’s time to update our beauty routines again! That means we’re trading in our heavy foundations and dark colours for light blushes and deodorant. As we make the change it is very important that our makeup bag/toiletry kit switches out in order to look our best and not sweat our entire face off. Not to mention how uncomfortable the wrong beauty products can feel in the hot summer sun.

Cutest summer printable ever! "Just Chill" watercolor popsicles - free to download and print:

Summer is about feeling light and airy in the sweaty sun. And with the right tools it’s easy to achieve this and feel amazing all summer long!

So before I continue going on, let’s just get to what you need to look your best this summer!Read More

Musing Mondays 1: The Last Month of Summer

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 1: Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays

Welcome to the first Musing Mondays! These are days where we talk about what is going on in my life and just general life-reflecting things. Today we’re going to discuss my last month of summer.Read More

A ‘Pan’ Summer

As you may have noticed if you follow my Twitter or Tumblr, I recently uploaded a picture that looked something like this…

Yes, that really is a picture of several books about Peter Pan. Now, why would a person need five books about Peter Pan (with several more on the way?) Here’s why. I’m writing a book on Peter Pan.

Now, I tried being an author back in 2009. And although I did write a full-length novel, it was not exactly the next Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling. So, I gave up on that dream and moved on to journalism.

I’m trying this author thing again because I’ve found a subject that I’m really familiar with and feel confident about writing. Peter Pan. Peter is a boy who I grew up with. I feel like I know him more than a person should know a fictional character. And that’s why I feel like I can write a true-to-fact story about him. I just know him so well.Read More

Quick Update and Stories About My Tent

My laptop (which has been part of me for the last two years) is having some difficulties, so posting may be a bit slim in the next week or so. But I will tug my mum’s arm and twist and pull until she lets me use hers to write something!

Stories about my tent:
So, last night I decided to have a bit of a party in my backyard with two of my besties. We had corn chips, sleeping bags, a lantern, the whole experience. It was quite fun and something I needed before traveling for the next two weeks.

Our campout actually looked very similar to this!

I was really excited because I haven’t had a sleepover since I was 14. 14! That’s like half my lifetime ago (just kidding. I’m 16.) And the funny part about sleepovers is that you always share gossip. I don’t know about boys, but they probably don’t go talking about Suzie and Margo and Timmy and Diane’s relationship. As girls, that’s all we talk about. And it’s funny because as you’re talking about these people, you start to feel kind of slimy, like a slug. So you try to make light of it, with some hilarious little one-liners to lighten the mood and not seem like such a typical, dramatic teenager. Here is my favorite one said by my friend Victoria.

“Middle school called. They want their drama back.”

 And then there’s the nostalgic stories you get into. Although I didn’t share my elementary or middle school years with these ladies, I was able to make them laugh with a few of my stories, which made me feel good. We spent hours (going to bed between 2 and 4) talking about chasing boys around the playground, ice cream parties, that first time someone told you that you could go to a higher math class. It was a really fantastic night.

What are your favorite elementary/middle/high school memories? What are ones that you’ll never forget? Share in the comments!


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This Summer's Hottest Beverage: The Smoothie

It’s the hottest part of the year, when the temperature gets to the 80s and 90s. We’re all sweltering hot and hiding in our basements to stay cool. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stay in the sun and stay cool? Well, there is, and it’s called the smoothie.

Earlier this summer I found the perfect recipe for a smoothie. It is absolutely delicious and comes from stuff that is in everyone’s kitchen. So, let’s get started!

Random Juice Smoothie Recipe

For this recipe, you will need:

  • Any juice in your kitchen (natural fruit is best)
  • Milk
  • Approximately 2 cups of ice
  • Sugar (depends on how sweet you would like it)
  • A blender
  • Electricity
To make this recipe:
  1. Plug your blender in. Also, make sure your electricity is working.
  2. Add your ice into the blender part of the blender.
  3. Pour your juice over the ice, leveling about an inch over the ice.
  4. Add the milk. Be very careful how much you put in. You only want enough that it makes a bit of a difference in the texture. So, about 3 tbsp. Give or take.
  5. Now pour in the amount of sugar you want. If you like the natural taste of juice, don’t add any sugar, but if you’re like me and sugar is in your top 5 favorite foods, add enough that it will be your perfect sweetness. Remember that you can add more sugar to taste after you blend it.
  6. Put the top of the blender on and blend on high for about two minutes. You want a milkshake-esque texture.
  7. Taste and make any changes that suit you.
  8. Pour the smoothie into your glass and bon appetit!
Stay cool and have fun this summer!