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Enthusiast Reviews: RINGLY

We all like to feel like we’re fit. So we want to buy a fitness tracker. But all the options are clunky and ugly and do not go with that super cute DVF dress we bought on sale. That’s where RINGLY comes in.


That’s where my review of the newest – and most stylish – fitness tracker on the market comes in. Read below to see the pros and cons of owning such a gorgeous piece of tech. Continue reading

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How to Create a Personal Style

Over the years my style has developed. From exclusively wearing any bright colour, to any trend Forever 21 deemed acceptable to becoming the queen of Portland fishing trip hipster gear, there have been more style transformations than I’d like to admit over the last ten years.

But now, at my ripe age of 21, I realize it’s time to stop slipping between trends and phases and stick with my own signature style that I can call my own. Because once you have tied down your own personal style you can apply it to many more aspects than just what you’re wearing, such as interior decorating, tech accessories, etc.

The process of finding my own personal style was quite a long one, so I thought I would share my steps of finding out exactly how I discovered the style that works best for me. And hopefully by the end you will feel that you have the tools to find your own too!

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Finding Personal Style

1. Go through your closet

The best way to start finding your personal style is to go through your closet. See what you learn toward the most. Is it stripes? Navy? Maybe you love floral? Dig into your closet and make a list of what items you lean toward the most and what items you wish you had. This will help you in the next steps.

2. Find three terms that describe you

Your personal style is just that – personal. When people see you they should see some of your top qualities. Style is meant to accentuate who you are as a person. If you watch Ugly Betty you’ll see that each character (while quite well dressed) has a certain personality, from Betty’s colourful ensembles to Wilhelmina’s sharp lines to Daniel’s casual yet get-down-to-business suits. Your style should do the same. So find three terms that you want your outfits to show when you’re walking down the street.

For me, I chose three that I believe are who I am:

  1. Classic – As a person, I tend toward the traditional. From my love of natural fibers and neutral patterns to how I live my life in general, classic is how other people and I describe me on a daily basis. That’s why I want my style to exemplify such an important part of my personality.
  2. Chic – As I reach an age where I am beginning to make a professional life I find myself choosing more elegant pieces, whether it’s furniture or earrings. Being chic is about having a certain elegance and that’s something that I try to give off, which is why I wanted to incorporate it into my style.
  3. Casual – At the end of the day I am the kind of girl who loves her leggings and sweatshirts more than anything. It’s so important to have a casual element to me, even though it seems to counteract my other two terms, but if I don’t have messy curls or a small rip in my jeans or, God forbid, I’m uncomfortable in my clothes I am not sticking to my true personality.

Once you have these terms you’re ready to move on!

3. Think about your top favourite outfits

Whether it’s something you wear now, or something you’ve seen in a magazine, we all have those outfits that we know make us feel like our best selves. Those are the outfits that will help you see what your personal style could look like. Choose three to five outfits that are your personal style that relate to those terms from earlier.

 : casual: Ingrid Nilsen Pictures and Interview 2015:

Now when you go shopping or are finding clothes in your closet tomorrow remember those outfits and ask yourself if those outfits are fitting with your new style.

4. Make a board of clothes that exemplifies that style

Using either Pinterest, a cork board in your home, a folder on your desktop, or however else you arrange images, make a visual aid for your personal style. Whether it’s outfits you love, articles of clothing that fit your style exactly, or even just fabric pieces that are in your colour palette, place them on the board. This can be a daily/weekly reminder of the personal style that you feel exemplifies who you are.

5. Discard everything else

Now, if you want to cold turkey into your new personal style, it’s time to do some cleaning. Take items out of your closet that you think are completely against your style and place them in a bag away from sight. If you want you can donate them, but keep them for a short while (you never know when you’ll need something). Not having those items in your sight when you’re getting dressed as you make the transformation will make sticking to your personal style much easier.

Voila! Here’s your new personal style that’s all you!

Please remember that personal style can change as we age, so don’t feel that you will have to wear the same things for the rest of your life. Updating your personal style as your life changes is recommended as people don’t stop changing and neither should their wardrobes.

What is your personal style? How did you find it? Please share in the comments! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you Friday!

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Spring Wardrobe Essentials

With spring now in full bloom, it’s time to update the wardrobe.

This spring is really about going outside of your normal wardrobe and having fun with patterns, designs, and styles. If you normally wear all black, try some pastels. If you stick with stripes, try some cut-outs. And if you love wearing jeans every day, maybe stick on a skirt. Play it up!

As we enter spring 2016, it’s time to look at some styles that help us to up our ante when it comes to style. So below are some ideas for how you can be your best spring self this year! Continue reading

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Your 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

It’s fall!

And with fall comes a beautiful new way of wearing your wardrobe. Which means you need to look on point with all these new options. But does your fall wardrobe have everything to look amazing? Don’t worry, I’ve done the work to tell you exactly what is going to make your fall wardrobe your best fall wardrobe yet. And all you have to do is read!

So, let’s get to your fall wardrobe essentials, shall we? Continue reading

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How Do the Ideals of Beauty and Aesthetics Influence Daily Life?

I had to write an essay today in my AP Language & Composition class. The prompt was “Explain how the ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life.” We’d just finished reading a few essays written about this topic and were given forty minutes to write the essay, as is required by the CollegeBoard when you take the AP test.

And so I wrote it. I talked about how people view beauty creates the need to look that way (thus the beginning of the cosmetic and fashion industry) and how it has made women have a stronger, positive influence on society. I don’t really want to go into the nitty-gritty because it’s Friday, and I want to enjoy my weekend 🙂

Anyway, when I finished my essay I looked around the room at all my fellow classmates. Everyone had different clothes and hairstyles and backpacks. And so I looked up at the prompt on the board and applied it to the 20 or so other teenagers surrounding me. How do the ideals of beauty and aesthetics influence daily life?

Teenagers love to read magazines and gossip blogs and other various fashion media. And on this media we see Alexa Chung wearing her new line for Madewell, and Selena Gomez stepping out in a pair of 5-inch heels on her way to meet Justin Bieber for dinner, even flipping past the page that shows us Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest look book. And looking at these pictures, we want to look like these glamorous people who seem to be having so much fun, to be so in love, to be so…everything. And that truly is what influences us.

I looked at a girl next to me. She was wearing a black lace tank top under a blazer. She probably got the idea from a magazine. Or maybe she saw two separate people wearing either item and thought, “Those would look really cute together.” And then she bought them and decided to wear them. Maybe next week there will be a girl wearing a similar outfit because she saw this girl’s outfit and thought, “I want to look that cute.” Truly, that is how what people believe to be gorgeous and fashionable comes to be what we wear.

Today I’m wearing jeans, Converse, a grey tank top, a black cardigan, and a green scarf. How did I put this together? A girl in my Leadership class was wearing a slight variation of it on Wednesday and I couldn’t get over how cute it was. So I used the items already in my closet and created a similar outfit. How great an example is that?

So, to conclude, the things we see and society deems beautiful and attractive become what people wear and how they act, which is basically our daily life. Now…did I answer the prompt, or did I answer the prompt?

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