Favourites Friday No. 109

You know weeks where everything that seems to be able to go wrong goes wrong? That was my week. From feeling overwhelmed by projects to starting to feel sick to just general fatigue, I’ve been fighting against the current all week.

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Favourites Friday No. 100

Well hello there! After a little time away, I am back for the 100th Favourites Friday.

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Favourites Friday #30

In a world where there isn’t enough time to be as chic and glamorous as you want to unless you give up sleep, it’s time to shake your head no and realize it’s easier than you think.

This week was all about getting back on my feet. I’ve been in a funk and I wanted to make this week count. Which means looking like the spunky professional college student I am! My go-tos this week were products that made me feel invincible and like Carrie from Sex and the City should bow at my feet. They’re power products if you will.

With this very short introduction (these products do speak for themselves) let me introduce you to the best products you’ll need for feeling on top of your game!

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DIY: Groovy Tumbler!

In high school, everyone drinks coffee. It’s the only thing that keeps us awake for 7 grueling hours of learning. And with that huge sea of tumblers and Starbucks cups, you need to stand out.

And I have the perfect way.


  • A Create-Your-Own tumbler from Starbucks (which you can buy here)
  • Some full-size (8×11) photographs of things you love
  • Some scissors
  • A pencil

I was given a Create-Your-Own tumbler for my birthday this year, but had this old piece of patterned construction paper in it. Now, the paper is all ripped up and I want a change. And I want it to be a super amazing change. So I’m going to go from blah to brilliant in seconds.

Choose a design you want for your tumbler. Whether it be a fun design pattern or your favorite picture, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I chose the Doctor Who minimalist photo from my header because it’s really cool looking and the 3-D glasses are bloody original on a coffee tumbler.

Remove the pre-cut paper out of the tumbler. Lay it over the part of the picture you want to use. Now use the pencil and trace around the pre-cut paper. Be very careful to draw lightly and to not draw in the part you want for your tumbler.

Carefully cut out your design.

Curl your design into the mug. Be careful not to harm the edges sticking out of the cup, because if you want to take it out ever, it will be difficult to remove with crushed edges.

We’re done! You now have a super groovy, stand-out-from-the-crowd tumbler that will make sure that you are never boring or unoriginal.


Be good with your coffee consumption and be sure to share your coffee tumbler designs with me on my Facebook page (which you can reach by clicking here)!

Stay groovy 😉

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My Guilty Pleasures

So, I was looking through my e-mail and saw that someone had asked me to name all of my guilty pleasures. Now, since i love a good suggestion (and I want more to come!) I took this on.

Now, since we all know I am a dork, some of these won’t surprise you. But some will.

DOCTOR WHO – I started watching this programme about a year ago. I adore David Tennant. And although the doctor is always changing, now with Matt Smith, I am still in love with Doctor Who. I am a nerd.

image FRAPPUCINOS – The workers at my town’s Starbucks are always happy to see me because I always splurge on a nice, big Strawberries & Crème frappucino when the time is right. They are terribly bad for you. I’m obviously not a health food model.


GOSSIP GIRL – Yes, I am aware that Gossip Girl is full of spoiled teens, money and sex. I’m not stupid. But I can’t stop reading the books or watching the show. I love the clothes and it’s so full of suspense of who is going to stab who in the back.


POKEMON – I find myself on several occasions sitting on my porch playing Pokémon Pearl for Nintendo DS. I find it very fun and am about 3/4 the way through the entire game. And that’s mostly because I have no clue how to get past where I am. So, if anyone has beaten this game, contact me so that you may help me 🙂


And that’s most of my guilty pleasures. I am sure I have more than are not so interesting and might actually bore you. So, to keep it entertaining, I only told you these. Please feel free to share your guilty pleasures in the comments so that we all can have a good ol’ time!


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25 Steps to Ace Your Finals

It’s Finals Week were I am, so I decided I would inform you all on the 25 steps to take to ace your finals. These will help you, I promise.


  1. Put on comfortable clothes
  2. Go down to your local drugstore and buy some pretzels and iced tea (or which ever foods you prefer, but they must be healthy and light)
  3. Go back to your desk and open your textbook
  4. Read over everything it is you have to study quickly
  5. Close your textbook
  6. Go 37 jumping jacks
  7. Open your textbook and take a sip of your drink
  8. Read over everything it is you have to study quickly again
  9. Close your textbook and eat your snack
  10. Call your best friend and have a 20 minute conversation
  11. Hang up and open your textbook
  12. Read the first sentence of everything you have to study
  13. Close your textbook and go to Starbucks
  14. Treat yourself
  15. While you are drinking your coffee, strike up a conversation with someone and ask them if they know about what you are studying
  16. Go back to your desk and read over your textbook again
  17. Update your status to “Just had a conversation at Starbucks. Who wants to come with me next time?”
  18. Instant message whoever comments to say they want to come to Starbucks with you
  19. Read over your textbook, this time slowly taking in everything on the page
  20. Get into bed
  21. Fall asleep
  22. As soon as your get out of bed, read over your textbook while getting ready
  23. Leave for class
  24. Walk in the classroom
  25. Lean over to the person next to you and say “Is it okay if I cheat off you?”

And that’s how you ace your finals!!!! For more “# Steps to …” just ask and I shall come up with them.

Have a great end of semester everyone!