Are You Getting Your SocialVibe On?

Some of you who have really explored my site might have noticed my new SocialVibe badge. For those of you who haven’t, if you look under my subscription link, there is my badge.

SocialVibe helps lots of charities (Invisible Children, Stand Up To Cancer) by providing a place where people can complete activities and earn hours. And with each hour, a sponsor will donate oh-so-much money. It really is a beautiful way to get the money charities need in a modern way.


The charity I support is Starlight. Starlight is a charity that helps children with terrible illnesses by making the experience better for them. It connects them with other kids so that they don’t feel so alone. It also helps their families. They were founded by Emma Samms and Peter Samuelson.

The reason that I chose this charity to support (out of all the other really great charities out there that are equally important) was that it applies to me personally. No, I do not have a chronic disease or anything, but I do know someone who does. Let’s have a little story time.

In the summer of 2009, I spent around a week in a hospital, scared to death about my little brother. He had a really scary disease and there wasn’t a day when I wasn’t scared for him. He’s my little brother and without him I’d be hopelessly lost. Anyway, sitting each day in the hospital was terrible, with people coming in and taking blood and checking up on him. Anyway, they did completely cure my brother and he is 100% normal and happy. But some people don’t just spend a week in the hospital with their baby brother. Some people live with their siblings living in the hospital for years. And those sick little children and their siblings are scared. But with the help of Starlight they can be less scared and feel less alone. My poor brother didn’t know anyone else who was going through what he was, but had Starlight been of service to us, I can tell you that he wouldn’t have been alone.

Anyway, that’s why I believe all of you should help with my SocialVibe stuff. No kid should feel alone in the world. So, help support them. It’s totally free!

Now, how do you do it? you might ask. Well, it’s really simple. You go down to my badge, click the bottom part of the badge where it says in big letters “Click Here to Help for Free” and there you can do a little activity. It’s not hard and takes about less than a minute to complete. And then you’re done. Each activity you complete equals 3 hours of service to Starlight. And we’ve almost reached our goal of 60,000 hours, so please, HELP!

I hope to see all of you at that finish line, feeling really good that you’ve helped a kid with a terrible illness.