The Insider's Guide to Teatoxing

Okay, what is teatoxing?

It is drinking tea daily for a month to help the body detox. Yes, it is simply that.

I have done a teatox (through Skinny Teatox) and it honestly was not what I expected. And that’s saying a lot, considering social experiments, especially concerning diet, are kind of my specialty. I’ve only consumed green smoothies for weeks, done a chicken and Gatorade diet, gone pescetarian, and just about any other weird food plan you can expect. And yet, teatox was a whole new ballgame.

For my teatox, it involved me drinking the special tea every morning for 28 days and then drinking a night tea every other night. That’s a total of 42 cups of tea total in 28 days. Which is a lot, even for my tea-loving self.

So, what should one expect during/after a teatox? What did I go through? What were problems? What did I like best about it? Well, let me tell you. Warning: Constipation is not a problem.Read More

Favourites Friday #19

Hello all!

As we wind down the week, I find myself realizing that my favourites are things that added comfort and rejuvenated me. After a weekend of fun and little-to-no sleep, getting through this week included a lot of needing stuff to get me back to my normal self. Especially considering all the big assignments I had due.

This week was about getting back to my normal self and choosing products that got me back to my cheery Morgan self! So let’s see what amazing things can do that!Read More