My Acne-Free Skin Routine

Growing up as a victim of acne, my skin has never been something to be fond of. Teen acne turned into adult acne, and nearly a decade later I’m still in a constant war of clear skin and even skin tone.

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How I'm Preparing for the Summer/Fall Skin Change

This post is in partnership with Formula 10.0.6. All opinions are bloggers own #ad

As the weather finally starts to cool down {I know, I’m thankful too after these scorchers} I start to notice a change in my skin. And considering I’ve spent all summer trying to maintain my complexion, these new concerns are disappointing. Luckily I’ve had some help making this transition.

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Formula 10.0.6 and I have been working together to create a great mix of products that are so basic – but powerful – that they keep my skin feeling healthy and clean despite the fluctuation of seasons. And my skin has never felt better!Read More

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Favourites Friday No.79

While Portland has seemed to cast a grey shadow in the middle of June, I’m looking forward to a weekend of good food and good company.


This week was all about taking care of my skin. My hectic schedule seems to have wreaked havoc on everything from my forehead to my heels. That’s why I’m sharing the five products that saved my skin this week and were definitely my favourites.Read More

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The World's Most Amazing Face Masks For Perfect Skin

My skin is a battle I am losing 95% of the time.

After my skin completely clearing up in June for graduation, I moved home for a little over a month and the damage was even worse than before. Think: Permanent M&M-sized pimple on cheek for six weeks with babies.

Five weeks later and my skin is almost back to its former glory. Each day it gets a little better and it’s all because of face masks. Yes, I cleanse and use toner and moisturize, but we all know the real culprit for getting rid of pesky spots is face masks. I have tried high end to drugstore and I have found the masks that truly take your skin from pimple disaster to gradation day sans foundation.

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My e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul

What do you do when you’re out of foundation and the best cheap cosmetics store is having a sale? You. Score. Big.

As I stared at my empty bottle of foundation (and nearly cried because I love it) I realized that unless I wanted to eat nuts for the next two weeks I needed to buy a cheaper foundation for the rest of the month before I could go back to the good stuff. And whenever I need a cheaper cosmetic for a really great price I turn to e.l.f. Cosmetics, where for $3 you can get some really amazing stuff! They were having a sale and I decided to go all out with my spending and purchased nine truly amazing products for a really unbelievable price. How unbelievable? You’ll have to read to the bottom to find out!

Also, I am very aware that I have a problem with buying a lot of lip colour. I’m currently receiving therapy for it, and I appreciate your support during this difficult time.

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Your Best Skincare Routine

Okay, time to be real. Your skin is in need of some fall reformatting.

While in the summer we can usually get away with just washing our face to bat away all the sweat, fall brings tons more needs for you to baby your skin day and night. From dryness to oil to acne caused from weather changes, you need to prepare your soldiers because a skin war is about to begin! Luckily you have your local Enthusiast here, and she has tried plenty of skin products and is here to recommend ones that she knows will keep your skin fresh and plump all autumn long!Read More