4 Lotions for Dry Fall Skin

While I live for the autumn leaves, sweaters, and hot chocolate, the worst part of fall must be the dry skin that follows me around all season.

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After years of dealing with finding lotions that leave my skin hydrated yet oil-free, I’ve found four lotions that are perfect for this dry season. Easy to apply and long lasting, these are the only lotions to be stocking up for what will be a cold, rainy autumn.Read More

Favourites Friday No.90

Let’s take a moment to just stretch. Flex your toes, bend your back, and roll your head a few times. Doesn’t that feel better?


In weeks of high stress we rarely take the time to let go of the week. And Friday is the perfect day to do this. We deserve to feel special and important, no matter how the last few days have dragged us down.

This week has been full of highs and lows (high: vacation, facial low: not feeling appreciated at work) and now it’s great to look forward to a nice long weekend to fully recharge.Read More

Favourites Friday No.79

While Portland has seemed to cast a grey shadow in the middle of June, I’m looking forward to a weekend of good food and good company.


This week was all about taking care of my skin. My hectic schedule seems to have wreaked havoc on everything from my forehead to my heels. That’s why I’m sharing the five products that saved my skin this week and were definitely my favourites.Read More

My Summer Skincare Routine

If you were checking the Portland weather this weekend you will know we had lots of sunshine. There were sunglasses to be worn and sunscreen to be slathered on shoulders. After an exceptionally long winter, it seems like sun is finally in season.

summer beauty routine

With sun comes a change in skin, as we are producing more oil and the UV rays are harsh and unforgiving. That’s why I’ve revamped my skincare to take care of this quick change in seasons to make sure I still have a healthy glow while making sure to keep my skin free of oils.
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My 5 Favourite Face Cleansers

Your face is a temple. Yes, I know we always say body, but when you really think about it, if we had to choose one thing to look amazing, it would be our faces.


Our faces are the first thing people see, the main focus of our selfies, and they deserve love and attention. That’s why face cleanser is so important. Choose your face problem and POOF! there’s a cleanser for that.

Today I’ve rounded up my five favourite cleansers and am going to share them with you so that you can be as equally in awe as me. Let’s begin…Read More

The World's Most Amazing Face Masks For Perfect Skin

My skin is a battle I am losing 95% of the time.

After my skin completely clearing up in June for graduation, I moved home for a little over a month and the damage was even worse than before. Think: Permanent M&M-sized pimple on cheek for six weeks with babies.

Five weeks later and my skin is almost back to its former glory. Each day it gets a little better and it’s all because of face masks. Yes, I cleanse and use toner and moisturize, but we all know the real culprit for getting rid of pesky spots is face masks. I have tried high end to drugstore and I have found the masks that truly take your skin from pimple disaster to gradation day sans foundation.

Let’s review the list, shall we?Read More

Lifestyle Revolution

I find this post slightly better if you listen to The Bangles, so to make sure you fully appreciate this post, click this link to listen.

They say if you don’t develop healthy habits as you grow up, you won’t have them for when you’re older and wish you had those habits. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been neglecting some important health and lifestyle habits that I kind of wish I had more experience with as I now try to correct them. I thought I’d share with you my journey of revolting against my bad lifestyle choices.

As most people do, I struggle with my weight. I have a penchant for eating constantly (because I just really enjoy food) and I never caught on to the whole “be hot and sweaty and activity” phase as my brother has. And it’s something I’m going to fix.

I have spotty skin, which I’ve learned is not only a personal thing, but a genetic thing. Washing my face is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, and I’m trying to change it. Mostly because I’ve already gone to the dermatologist for years and I’d like to stop going completely. Plus pretty skin!

While I consider myself a productive person, I have been known to be the biggest couch potato in the world. I mean, why start organizing my room when I can take a nap? I definitely need to work on getting my bum up and getting even more accomplished. I mean, I have a lot of stuff going on *cough* blog renovation *cough*

So, now that we’ve established the lifestyle matters I need to revolt against in the hopes of improving myself as a person, let’s talk about how I’m revolting against them.Read More