The 16 Beauty Products I Buy Over and Over Again

While I love trying out new products and using about every sample the store gives away, there are some tried and true products that will always be in my routine.

Today I’ve compiled a list of the products that have been staples in my beauty routine for years now. Some of them are more recent than others, but every single one is something that I think is necessary for me to look (and feel) my best. These products have gotten me through the rough times (Hello, finals week with my period) and have made sure I’m primped in the good moments. Everything in this list is perfection, so why not share?

Hopefully you will try some of these and they will make it into your routine just like they did mine!Read More

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Favourites Friday #36

When it come to looking perfect (especially during the summer when you’re around people 24/7) it’s all about using the right products.

This week’s Favourites Friday is about the products that have kept me looking fresh and fierce (ugh, Morgan, we talked about not using that word) through the hot sun and long days. Whether it’s perfecting my skin or smoothing my hair, I’ve got the right product.

May the Lord bless you with the same luck as it has with me and the favourites of this week!

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Favourites Friday #29

Sometimes when you’re crazy busy and there’s too much on the plate you have to sit back and give yourself a day or two to recuperate. Without that downtime how are you going to accomplish amazing things? Or at least that’s what I told myself this week.

As I start to enter the second half of the term I have deadlines coming out of my caboose. Too much work and not enough time for Morgan. So I decided to carve out a night or two where I would focus on me and calming my brain enough that I could get back to work after and not feel like an imploding stress ball. To do this I indulged in some of my favourite things, pampered myself a little, and watched a lot of TV.

Welcome to my “Week In”.

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Favourites Friday #23

Okay Morgan, where have you been?

Yes, spring break has put me a bit of a hiatus from any responsibilities. It wasn’t intentional, but a break from the stress and focusing on friends and good vibes was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

I went to the Oregon coast for the weekend and just had the best time. Think hamburgers on the back deck overlooking the ocean during sunset kind of perfection. It was so relaxing to hear the ocean at night and to walk the sandy shores with my best friends, catching up after being so busy the last few months.Read More

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Favourites Friday #21

Well hello all!

We’re back to Friday again, and I am so ready because I have lots of essays and I’m ready to bunker down and write and eat crackers and basically live for my essays. But before I can do anything productive I must do something that helps me in no way. So I organized my beauty stash.

Earlier this week I decided to clear out my bathroom drawers because the longer I go without doing it I end up losing my toothpaste and having cotton swabs in everything. Plus I now have three boxes of allergy medicine because I keep ‘losing’ the old ones. So a clean out was necessary.Read More