Need Some Love? Have a 'Me' Date

Forget the candlelight dinners and making out on a cliff above the city. It’s time to spend the night with the person you love most: Yourself.


‘Me’ dates are this great invention where instead of going out with a significant other, you have a lovely night meant to celebrate yourself. They come in many different shapes, but they share a common cause. In a society that stresses pulling ourselves too thin, it’s time for a ‘me’ date to remind yourself just how great you are.

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What Watching 'The Mindy Project' Taught Me About Love, Life, and Being Yourself

Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I decided that when I read her books and this past weekend I am more convinced than ever.

“The Mindy Project” is Mindy Kaling’s television show, which is now in its fourth season. The show follows Mindy Lahiri, a gynecologist, as she pursues her career and personal life with a flair for food and pop culture references. Every episode is full of complete nonsense, but maintains a story line that has made me cry a few times. It’s truly a great representation of Kaling’s talent.

This past weekend I bought the first three seasons on DVD and binge watched with some white wine and the best hoagie sandwiches ever with my best friend. And there were laughs, tears, and lots of rolling on the couch because Danny Castellano dancing is enough to make the entire world happy again. But after all the laughs and such (and I finished all the DVDs and signed up for a Hulu account) I thought about the fact that “The Mindy Project” is more than just humorous, it is filled with so many life lessons that in a span of a few days I felt like a completely new person. Why sign up for a self-esteem seminar when you could just watch the show?Read More

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18 Things I Learned at 18

We learn a lot in a year. So much goes on in 365 days, and as each 365 days pass a compilation of life lessons are taught.

18 never looked this good.

Tomorrow I turn 19 (best Friday ever, am I right?) and that means I’ve had roughly 365 days to learn some valuable life lessons. And this year was a doozy when it came to growing up. I graduated high school, moved out of the house, and started university. My whole life changed pretty drastically. But it was not for naught, as I now have a whole bunch of new life lessons that I can share with you! Last year I gave you 17 Things I Learned at 17 and a lot of you found it helpful for your own lives. I hope this year’s batch of fresh knowledge can be just as helpful.

Let’s get started on those life lessons, yeah?

18 Life Lessons From Your Local, Internet 18-Year-Old

1. Whatever scares you can make you stronger.

2. You are the cumulation of all the things you love.

3. Staying at home does not affect your “cool” factor.

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Dress to Impress…Yourself

My mom and I have this little game. It goes something like this:

Mom: Do you have a crush on someone?
Me: No.
Mom: But don’t you have someone that you want to look cute for?
Me: No.

Each time we play this little game I think about what my mom says. Every girl should have that special someone they want to look cute for. And I do, myself.

In books, films, real life, etc. there is a cliché of girls who spend hours getting ready to impress boys. It’s all about looking good to make boys notice us so they can ask us to Prom and marry us and have adorable children. But in reality, boys do not care if your necklace is the right accent color for your top. It’s sad, but true.

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The real reason you should put on makeup and actually wear real-people pants (what me and my best friend call jeans) is that you should want to impress yourself.

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Love Yourself

A week ago in my Speech class something very important was said. I’d like to quote it to you now.

“But the truth is that I’m okay with the fact that I’m fat. Because I love myself. And that’s what really matters, that I love myself.”

I won’t tell you who said it, but I will tell you that when they said it, I’d never felt so enlightened in a classroom.

Society gives us this impression that we need to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. Which is complete and utter (dare I say it?) crap. It shouldn’t matter what you look like, as long as you love yourself.


I’m not going to lie, I hated myself for a long time. Not because I think I’m an awful person, but because I don’t live up to society’s ideals. I have braces and glasses and I’m overweight and I have acne. These little things add up and made me look in the mirror and feel ugly and unwanted. But then, especially in this last year, I reevaluated my life. I found all the good things in my life. I told myself that dwelling on the negatives in my life were only bringing me down and I needed to be happy again.

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