The Graduate (UO 2016 Edition)

I have never felt quite as famous as I did walking into my college graduation ceremony.

That’s right, this blogger has a degree!

So smart that I learned to quote Shakespeare. But it’s true, no matter your size you can always be tough!

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How to Alleviate Finals Stress in 9 Steps

It’s that time of year where 20-somethings around the world are getting ready to take their end-of-year finals. And instead of panicking and freaking out, it’s time to learn how to deal with all that stress.

I am the queen of stress, and get dyshidrosis on my hands every term. It’s disgusting and gross, but ever since I developed it senior year of high school I have learned ways to lower my stress level, which means less yucky bumps on my fingers.

Everyone deals with stress differently, and stress treats everyone differently, so there is no go-to way to alleviate stress. However, the tools I have lined up below will help to work toward alleviating stress, or at least distract you long enough to not lose your cool in the library.

Have a good finals week!

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How to Focus & Get Stuff Done

Sitting in the middle of midterms week and have no motivation to do anything?

I am 100% on your level.

There’s something about crunch time that makes all motivation go out the window. No matter how much you try, finishing that project is just not going to happen. And that’s when you need your friendly neighbourhood blogger to come and show you how to gain back that focus and get everything done!Read More

School Lunch Ideas

School time is upon us!

All throughout grade school I was a home pack lunch queen. I had this thing about school lunches that I just couldn’t get past. Which is when I became a pro at making home packed lunch interesting and delicious.

And because it’s time to start making school lunches again (hello, classes and budgets) I thought I’d share with you all my go-to lunches I make for when I’m on campus or at work during lunch time. Because we all need to up our lunch game, right?Read More

Six Perfect School Hairstyles

As we approach finals week, I find myself struggling to make my hair look decent. Actually I’m struggling to look anything other than sleep-deprived and sickly. And as looking decent is important, it’s time we find some easy ways to do so.

After doing some research, and playing around with my hair, I have found six hairstyles that look (more than) decent and are easy enough for a busy time like finals. Shall we take a look?Read More

20 Ways to Procrastinate As a College Student

You know that really big project you have due this week? Yes, that one that you’ve been avoiding more than anything. We’ve all got that project. And instead of just staring at it wasting your time staring at the assignment sheet, let’s get some productive procrastination going on!

20 Ways Morgan Has Procrastinated in College

1. Replace things in your apartment…finally

Guess who just bought a new HDMI cable?

2. Wash everything – EVERYTHING

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The Trick to Balancing Life (And Still Getting Sleep)

The first thing I was told about college life was that you had to choose between your social life, your school work, and your sleep schedule. And you can only choose two. Which do you choose?

I’ve recently had to start balancing my life. I was pretty content with doing my school work and getting eight hours of sleep. But then life happens and suddenly I had a lot more things on my schedule and I had to balance them to make all of it work. And this past week I’ve truly learned the lesson of balance.

It’s hard to dedicate time and energy towards everything that deserves your time and energy. And so you have to prioritize and schedule everything to make it work. I gave this all a lot of thought this morning (eating eggs while cuddling my guinea really helps with the whole “contemplate life” thing) and here is my list of aspects of life that deserve life and energy and how to balance it all.

Morgan Balances Her Life
(But Still Can’t Finish Desperate Housewives)

School work

We all know that school work is incredibly important as a student. And in university you’re basically paying to do it! This is a priority in the highest and deserves a lot of your time and energy. I find the best way to make sure that I am giving the right amount to my school work is to make a schedule of when my work is due and when I want to actually do the assignment. For my Econ quizzes due Tuesday and Thursday I do them Monday and Wednesday. For my journalism projects due on Sunday I make sure to have a little bit of the project done each day to keep the work from piling up. Having that schedule makes sure that I know what I’m doing, and I’m getting things done each day, and it doesn’t all pile up and keep me from other aspects of my life.Read More

Letter to HS Seniors

Dear High School Seniors,

A year ago I was in your shoes. Anxious, worried, stressed, and about one letter away from having a mental breakdown. If it wasn’t filling out application after application for scholarships, it was every person within a 60-mile radius of me asking what I was doing next year. This is the best and the worst time of your lives. So, as someone who survived the war zone that is Senior year, gather round your computer as Veteran Morgan tells you a story.

In December the oppressing feeling that you need to be the most accomplished, know-it-all, confident person in all of the land starts to hit. SAT scores, volunteer hours, and GPA are all that matter in life. That party on Saturday is not going to happen, and you need to get at least a 25 on your ACT before you can even think about watching the latest episode of your favourite television show. It’s no wonder your hair is turning grey because of the stress. But in all honesty, once you move past this time of just incredible pain and suffering, you’re going to realize that it isn’t the end of the world.Read More

How to Survive Finals

Finals. Probably the most stressful time for a student. Tests worth more than you weigh. Thousands of tiny black words in textbooks. Stress oozing out of you like acne pus. It doesn’t sound pretty, does it? Finals bring out the worst in everybody. I know, I just took mine. And I believe that finals should not be a time where we are so stressful that we snap at everything like crocodiles. So I might have possibly, just maybe, come out with some tips to staying sane.

1) EAT

I’m not saying gorge yourself on chocolate and corn nuts, but I’m also not saying starve yourself. Having regular, balanced meals three times a day with small snacks inbetween with lots of water will help you in more ways than one. Studies show that when your stomach is satisfied you perform better on tests and your stress can be slightly decreased. Plus, your waistline won’t expand as it would if your diet consisted of Mt. Dew and chips.


My mom always chides me on this, but take plenty of study breaks. I know it sounds counterproductive, but taking a break helps you learn. Pouring over a textbook for six hours means you studied for about two and glazed over the next four. By setting yourself goals, you will accomplish all of your work and you won’t feel like a zombie. Example: I will read twenty pages of my AP Govt. textbook, then check Twitter, then finish my Trig assignment, then watch a YouTube video, then work on my Biology study guide. I’ve accomplished all the same work, only my brain is still intact.

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My Last Standardized Test

After many hours of studying, I have officially taken my last standardized test.


If you haven’t been following me for long, let me fill you in. I’m 17 and currently applying for university (which is the reason I now have grey hair) and part of applying for university is that you have to take these little buggers called standardized tests.And in the last 12 months, I’ve taken 5 of them.


I don’t want to ramble about all the studying or all the stress, or even how I probably spent more than one night crying over wanting a good score. I’m here to celebrate. Celebrate finally getting past this right of passage into becoming an adult. I can’t go to university without these tests, and now that I’ve taken them, university, here I come!

My best advice for people who are having trouble with their standardized testing is to just relax. My first SAT I was a huge mess. I was freaking out and spent the whole night before checking to make sure I had enough pencils and was basically a huge mental mess. It was atrocious. Last weekend I took my ACT and this weekend I took my SAT,and both times I took what I will coin the ‘Lazy Morgan’ approach. I studied, of course, but the night before it was like I was not taking a test the next morning. I went to a friends’ house or watched films or did yoga. Just a normal, easy night, concentrating on anything enjoyable and going to bed early. And when I woke up Saturday morning, I was less stressed and felt that I was more focused when taking the test. It also helps if you have enjoyable plans for after your test.Read More