3 Investments Worth Your Money

When I was 13 I flew across the country for a East Coat tour with my school. As I crawled into the backseat of my friend’s car, my mother instructed hers that I needed to buy souvenirs because I was “too frugal” with my money. Nearly a decade later and I still struggle with spending large amounts of money.

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How to Save on a Millennial Salary

When you’re in your twenties it’s hard to keep track of all this spending that you’re doing for the first time. Not even playing grocery store as a toddler could.

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As a early twentysomething who is dealing with real time budgeting for the first time, the harsh reality of spending my money on something other than cute tops and iTunes. But I’ve quickly adjusted to the adult life and have found the best ways to save when you’re making less money than your parents.

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The Art of Saving

Saving money isn’t easy. It is so simple to be sucked into the vortex of sales and marketing. But to be able to say ‘no’ to the world of spending and ‘yes’ to the world of saving, well, it’s now a reality.

I recently acquired a debit card. Being able to shop online at my own leisure and not having to keep track of all my dollar bills constantly, it’s a freedom. However, with freedom comes responsibility, and this freedom made me a little spend-crazy. But, as I am saving for a new laptop to replace the one that died and went to techie heaven last year, I really need to buckle down and stop spending and start saving. So, I compiled a list of tips to help me (and you) save like people have never saved before! (Extreme couponers excluded)

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Knowing When to Splurge

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I don’t spend much money. It’s just the way I am. Lots of teenagers gain money through jobs and allowance and spend it all on the weekly trip to the mall. I save up every dime I have and don’t spend it for a long time. Why, I started a savings account when I was eight and didn’t even use the money inside it until about six years later. Like I said, frugal and me are just two words that go together.

Now, just because I’m frugal it doesn’t mean that I own four pieces of clothing. I’m good with my money in the extent that I know what is good to buy cheap and what is good to splurge on. Most teenagers don’t get this, resulting in the “Dad, could I borrow a twenty” that is just pathetic. The trick is to understand what should be skimped on and what can be splurged on to have a happy life and still have enough cash to buy the occasional Starbucks.

Be frugal when buying items such as t-shirts and tank tops (basically just generic clothing), deodorant (seriously, $9 for something that goes under your arms?), pencils/pens, school supplies (binders and such), hair elastics, socks, lunch (don’t spend $15 on lunch every day), chapstick, cereal (buy plain corn flakes and add sugar), and key chains (lots of organizations give them out for free!)

Do you really want to spending your hard earned money on corn flakes?

These are items that honestly you can get the same product for $5 as for $15. Saving a little more here can definitely make it able for you to buy some of the more fantastic items in the next category.

You can splurge with items such as an iPhone, iPad, gas (you need to be able to get to work), a new bag, concert tickets (Jason Mraz is in town? Let’s go!), dates, laptop, road trips (imagine the beach), a prom dress, a new car (a new Mercedes would be nice, wouldn’t it?) and a really great pair of jeans.

Or a wonderful phone that comes with thousands of apps and is the coolest technology ever invented?

These are items that are worth every dollar. They are slightly more pricey but with the money you’re saving with the first category, you’ll be able to afford chapstick, a red t-shirt, and an iPhone. Doesn’t that sound great? I saved up enough to buy myself an iPhone and I will never regret it. Saving really is worth it.

Being able to afford everything you need (and all the things you really want) is pretty great, right? And with these tips, you’ll have it all, and plenty more!

Want more money advice? Say so in the comments and I’ll share more of my tricks!

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