My Go-To Jewelry for Summer

As the sun begins replacing those long grey days that have been taking over Portland, I look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. Goodbye sweaters and hello linen! And with these fabric changes come some jewelry swaps.Read More

Favourites Friday #37

As we start to imagine wearing shorts at the park and sleeping in all Sunday, let us spend this Friday remembering everything fantastic that has happened this past week.

First off, how was everyone’s 4th? Do you miss the three-day weekend as much as I do? I spent it in the sun listening to good music and gaining an appreciation for Coors Light. Yeah, I actually had a beer and didn’t feel like gagging, it was a life-changing moment.

This Favourites Friday is just about everything fantastic that has happened since we checked out last weekend and I hope you’ll try all of these out and fall just as in love as I did!

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