Enthusiast Reviews: RINGLY

We all like to feel like we’re fit. So we want to buy a fitness tracker. But all the options are clunky and ugly and do not go with that super cute DVF dress we bought on sale. That’s where RINGLY comes in.


That’s where my review of the newest – and most stylish – fitness tracker on the market comes in. Read below to see the pros and cons of owning such a gorgeous piece of tech.Read More

Period Survival Guide + THINX Review

I’m just going to go out and say it: Periods suck.

And as someone who has one every month for the last 10 years of my life, I have learned a thing or two about how to deal with the excruciating experience of my uterus shedding its lining. And it’s about time I share all of the important tips and tricks I use to get through my week and don’t roll around on the floor in pain. Plus, I’m going to review my new period essential.

Who’s ready to show their period who’s boss?Read More

Movie Monday: 'Paper Towns' Review

Movie Monday

Welcome back to Movie Monday on Everyday Enthusiasm! Today I thought I’d review something that has been quite the buzz lately: Paper Towns.

I went to see Paper Towns with my boyfriend a few weekends back and as we left the theater I kept thinking, “I need a bigger audience to vent to.”

Let me start off this review with saying 1) If you enjoy whining teenage love, you will enjoy this 2) This is not for people who found everything wrong with the Twilight love story and 3) It is really well done as a film.

Why?Read More

Eleanor & Park: A Review

Have you ever been in a public place and reading a book that was so powerful that you started sobbing?

That is what Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park did to me. And everyone on the 4th floor of the Knight Library at University of Oregon saw me.Read More

That Planner Life: A Review of the Erin Condren Life Planner

I am by far the most organized person I know.

Organization is not a thing, it is a way of life. And for me, it’s all about my tools when it comes to organization. That’s why today we’re going to talk about my current favourite organization tool and why it’s gotten me 100% more organized. Don’t believe me? Just check out my review.

That Planner Life: The Erin Condren Life Planner

You’ve probably heard about the Erin Condren Life Planner and all the hype about it. Let me tell you, the hype is right. As someone who needs lots of space to write in to do lists, daily events and parties, homework, blog posts, and all the other hubabaloo that is my life, it is essential that I have somewhere where I can store all of that. And the EC Life Planner is definitely that kind of planner.Read More

You're Not Sated Until You've Tried Plated: A Review

I love to eat nutritious meals, but I hate having to find all the ingredients to make them. What’s my solution? Plated.

If you don’t know what Plated is, let me explain. Plated is a service that for a weekly fee provides the ingredients for nutritious, well-rounded meals delivered right to your doorstep. If you don’t believe me, the delivery man who delivered my box had to take an elevator, wait for someone with a key fob to let him onto my floor and knock vigorously on my door at 9am on a Saturday for me to answer it to ensure that the ingredients stay fresh. Plated is definitely the answer to my problem.Read More

Thought Thursdays 3: Uber Cab

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 18: Thought Thursdays

Thought ThursdaysAnd welcome back to Thought Thursdays! While in LA, I spent a lot of time traveling in cabs from one place to another. Actually, a good portion of my trip was discussing the interesting trips I had in said cabs. Such as my driver blasting “Turn Down For What”…

After much debate, we ended up using Uber for our trip. So many people in the public eye are using Uber, so it must be a good way to travel, right? Right.

Uber Cabs are a cheap, safer version of transportation for those who don’t want to drive or take the bus. It is used by an app, which uses your location to pick you up and drop you off at your location. And it’s by credit card, so no more worrying about having enough cash. Learn a bit more about the whole system here.

And now, without giving much more away, here is my review of Uber cabs:

Morgan Reviews Uber LA Cabs

Because every experience in a cab is different, I thought, to make this review as thorough as possible I would review each cab ride that my friends and I took. Let’s begin, shall we?Read More

"x" Album Review

In honour of me seeing Ed Sheeran tonight (yes, I am going to see the wonderful British music genius tonight) I am putting up my review of “x” Ed Sheeran’s latest album. This album is so amazing and I’ve been putting the songs in every playlist I’ve made for weeks, so reviewing it only seemed natural. Thought please remember that I only know my own musical tastes and that’s it. I have zero musical training (though I can play two chords on the guitar.) So, without further ado, here is my review of “x.”

If this review really gets your music vibes going, you can purchase it on iTunes. And next week I’ll let you know if it sounds just as good live! (Yes, I am internally combusting about getting to see him live because I love Ed’s music.)

“x” by Ed Sheeran

1. One

This song is slow and sweet and I always find myself singing along. A lot of Ed’s music is slower, but on this album this slower song is definitely one of my favourites. It’s just too cute and all about there only being one person for you. It’s great for car listening music.

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"5 Seconds of Summer" Album Review

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS GUYS! It’s been a year of me anticipating this, but the 5 Seconds of Summer self-titled album is finally out! Released yesterday on iTunes, it’s been on replay on my iPod because it’s pretty much musical genius! From reading the articles the boys (4 talented Aussie boys) have put out, they have put so much effort into this album and it definitely shows. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this review because of how much I’ve anticipated this album being released. When it released (9pm PST for me) I was in a car and containing my enthusiasm was a bit difficult. I mean, I am an enthusiast, enthusiasm cannot be contained!

So, please join me as I listen to the 5SOS album and share my thoughts with you all. And make sure to buy it to support these hard working, talented boys (that I may or may not be seeing in 50 days) by purchasing their album here.

“5 Seconds of Summer” by 5 Seconds of Summer

1. She Looks So Perfect

Many music critics have called this song the perfect song for summer, and I would have to agree. It’s catchy, has that perfect amount of rock, and the lyrics make you second guess and laugh. What more do you need in a summer hit? American Apparel is probably feeling like hot patootie after their name drop in the song, and I know I now have the overwhelming need to wear a diamond ring and board a plane! This song is everything that is fun and young and emotionally angsty enough for anyone under the age of 25. (It’s also Morgan’s dad approved.)

2. Don’t Stop

Read More

“Midnight Memories” Review

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I’ve talked about this album a lot (because I’m borderline obsessed with it) and am constantly telling my friends which songs I love. So when my friend suggested I do a review of One Direction’s new album “Midnight Memories,” well, I just couldn’t resist. So here is my review of their new album!

1. Best Song Ever

The title says it all. It is the best song ever. It’s catchy and fun and a great song for just letting go over the summer. It’s almost impossible to not just start dancing when this song comes over the speakers. Each verse has some funny memorable line and the chorus is catchy. It is typical boy band, but let’s face it, that’s what they are and that’s part of the reason we like them. It’s hard not to like boy bands. This song is just adorable and fun.

Read More