Favourites Friday No.98

There are some weeks where when I hit Friday I think, “Well, I deserve this weekend.” And this week was one of those. From an insane amount of work and changing deadlines, to a terrifying nightmare, to still unpacking, I am ready for a weekend of friends and food.

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7 Ways to Have a Simply Blissful Morning

There is something to be said about having a relaxing morning. Where you don’t have to rush, you have time to do your hair, and sitting down with a decent breakfast is not a problem. Those are the best kinds of mornings, and on Fridays, I get those kinds of mornings.

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This morning, after a slightly hectic Week 1 of winter term, I got to spend a full hour eating a buttered chocolate croissant, drinking earl grey tea, and getting to surf the web on my MacBook to get my daily news. It was truly a morning I was in dire need of. We all deserve to have some bliss and restfulness in our morning, and let’s be real, none of us get that usually.

Because we all do deserve a relaxing morning, I have come up with a list of ways to have a blissful morning, without stressing!

Have a Blissful Morning, Every Morning

1. Have a real breakfast

Take some time out of your day to actually eat breakfast. Actually cook something (an egg scramble is always a favourite) or get something from the local bakery you can warm up and slather in butter. Have some milk or juice with your coffee and put away your stress for some enjoyable reading. Chew your food slowly and enjoy the delicious flavours. Having a decent breakfast is the best way to have a great morning.Read More

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20 Ways to Relax

It’s Week 3 of the school year and stresses are running high. I have a big research paper due on Sunday and I definitely could use a reduction in the tension building. That said, I decided to find some things to calm me down. And then I decided to share that list with all of you. And that is how the list of things that relax/destress you according to Morgan was born.

Take a Chill Pill: 20 Ways to Relax
as According to Morgan

1. Calm.com

If you don’t already, you need to give calm.com a try. My mom turned me onto it, and it is great for when you need to calm down. Take a few minutes out of your day and listen to the onscreen instructions as they teach you how to relax your body. You’ll definitely feel the difference!

2. Make a nice dinner

Home cooked food is the food of contentment. Make some biscuits, eat some fresh veggies, maybe have some chocolatey dessert, and you’ll find yourself basking in yummy food without stress for a little while.Read More