The Best Breakfast: Overnight Oats

Happy Monday! Do a little stretch, pour some coffee, and let’s read about the best, easiest breakfast I have ever discovered.


I am a morning person, but I am no-fuss breakfast person. If it can’t be made in less than seven minutes I am not interested. That’s why poached eggs, smoothies, and cereal are favourites in my house. But lately I’ve been turning to overnight oats for a breakfast that takes no time in the morning.Read More

Enthusiastic Eats: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Who’s ready for another very easy, very affordable meal by someone who loves cooking, but has very little patience.


Today’s recipe comes from all of my favourite things to eat (lemon, garlic, shrimp, pasta) and the fact that one pot meals are the only meals I am interested in making. I love being in the kitchen, but not while doing the dishes. This pasta dish is perfect for comfort night, but healthy enough to not feel guilty for having a second helping. And there’s tons to share with that special someone!

Bon appetit!Read More

The Enthusiast's Easy One-Pot Pasta

If you live in my house, we love pasta.

From diving into a bag of Trader Joe raviolis to four boxes of penne in the pantry, Hegartys love pasta. Mostly Morgan. Morgan really loves pasta.

And now that I live on my own, I like to have pasta probably once a week as my comfort dinner when I have a rough day or don’t get until late and just want to watch TV. It’s impossible for your day to not get better when you have pasta.

Because I love pasta so much, finding new recipes and experimenting is what I do. From deciding that olive tapenade makes the perfect topping, to finding that olive oil trumps butter in every instance, finding a new recipe, or one that is better than the original, is just really exciting! And this week, after being bugged down with the flu and no bread for PB&J, I got creative with my pasta.Read More