Eyeliner Skills Unavailable: A Q&A

Yay Q&A!

As I go through all my social media and emails, I realize that I have lots of questions I’ve put to the side in a blog post that’s been in my ‘drafts’ folder for over a month. Which means I am long overdue answering your questions and that’s just not being a very good neighborly blogger.

I hope you’ll accept this Q&A as an apology!Read More

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The Tweeting Dilemma: A Q&A

Who’s ready to read the A’s to your Q’s?

For the past few weeks I’ve been compiling the best questions I’ve been sent by tweet, email, etc. and now it’s time I give you all some answers. Who’s ready?

Morgan A’s Your Q’s Once Again…

1. What’s your favorite kind of tea?

As an avid tea drinker, I very much appreciate this question. My favourite flavor of tea is chai, and my favourite brand is Charbrew. If I had to choose a tea that I love drinking the most, it would probably be Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Vanilla black tea.Read More

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Sassy Girl Emoji: A Q&A

Sometimes when I write Q&As I sing the “We Just Got a Letter!” song from Blues Clues.

Receiving questions from you guys is always interesting because I’m not always sure what to expect. Sometimes it’s the same questions and sometimes they are so unexpected I need a minute before I can stop laughing. But that’s why I keep doing them.

This Q&A is composed of my favourite/what I consider “most important for you to know” questions that you’ve asked me over the last month or so on Twitter/in comments/emails.

So, let’s A some Qs, yeah?Read More

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You Asked and I Answered in My Pajamas (A Q&A)

Warning: This was written in my pajamas.

Lately my life has become a huge Q&A session – without the panel with the microphone and little bottle of water. So why not make myself a panel with a blog post? I mean, what better way to answer questions than in pajamas with a spinach smoothie and a bunch of pillows? It’s Friday – and the last blog post before I start Everyday Enthusiasm! – so let’s kick off this weekend with my very exciting (and possibly very informational) Q&A!Read More

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The 20 Year Old Thing (A Q&A)

It’s been a crazy week. My birthday, midterms, lots of lots of film screenings and life in general have made everything crazy. And that’s why it’s time for a Q&A to calm things down!

I Turned 20 and Stuff is Going On (A Q&A)

What’s going on with you right now?

A million and nine things. And that’s okay. I’m dealing with all of it one thing at a time and luckily I have the most amazing support system to make sure that I don’t completely implode.

How was your birthday?

AMAZING! My boyfriend and best friends worked together to surprise me by getting all of them in a Eugene Olive Garden. It was so great to have all my fave people with me on my birthday, but it was hard not having my family there. Hopefully next year I can have them all!Read More

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Pet Ownership & Other Fun Things (A Q&A)


My inbox has been filling up and it’s time to answer your questions! It’s a simple Saturday morning (I’m looking incredibly hot in yoga pants, a jumper, and with some seriously unbrushed hair) and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Life’s been insane, and it’s time y’all got caught up with this enthusiast!

You Asked, I Answered (Learning About Morgan’s Life One Question at a Time)

Did your stress disorder come back?

Well, no. It’s super sweet you asked! But no, I am currently stress disorder free. I’ve actually been really relaxed this week, which is such a change. Hopefully it will stay that way!

How is Covington?


Cove is amazing! The two week trial period ended and he’s now officially mine! He’s being kind of silly this morning, but I adore him more than ever. So excited to start our time together!Read More

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I Am Terrified of Adult Life (A Q&A)

Happy Monday, Enthusiasts! It’s week 3 of the term and it’s safe to say that my roommates and I cannot wait for winter break (really, why is fall term always so exhausting?) I figured the best way to get into the week groove is to start it off with some Q&A, so you asked some Q’s and I did some A’s and now here’s the result!

The Real Answers of Morgan (While She Procrastinates Responsibility)

How’s living on your own?

Not going to lie, I’m living the life. I made pancakes yesterday morning, I have solid wifi, and I have discovered where three brawny men live in my building if I ever come across an axe murderer. I’ve got this living on my own thing down pat.

What’s it like living with roommates?

I have three roommates and it’s a pretty ideal situation. We get along great, we clean our messes, and I have zero complaints. Yes, it is an amazing experience. We even have a special Thursday night where we watch “Project Runway,” “Breaking Amish,” and “Gypsy Sisters” while watching the courtyard. Definitely recommend 10/10.

What are the best/easiest college dinners?

Click the picture to find the food

I’m really busy all day with being on campus, so when I get home I try to make something vaguely healthy, yet simple before I do homework and crash. I would recommend protein (like chicken nuggets) with a small salad, or getting those pre-made dinners and serve them with frozen veggies. Simple, cost-effective, and good for you!Read More

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Marrying Troy Bolton (A Q&A)

You guys sent me questions, I answered. And this time we got really personal and not personal and discussed plenty of celebrity action, so you know it will be a good one. Prepare for answers! (P.S. big announcement in one of the questions!)

What is your best tweet this week?

What is something that made you happy lately?

Twice this week I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I am so honoured. To know that people find me inspiring out of all the options of bloggers to choose makes me feel so good about the content I am producing. A big thank you to Hannah and Arya!

Your blog posts have recently been more serious and on more controversial topics. Why the change?

There’s not really a reason. I’m posting more, which means I need more topics per week, and since I don’t like to write too many posts on the same subject I’m trying to branch out. I want to write about the things that matter, and sometimes those are the ones that are the least written about. So that’s kind of why the change happened.Read More

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The 17-Hour Migraine From Hell (A Q&A)

Hallelujah, it’s almost summer! But before I get to go home and lounge on my sofa and watch award shows with my friends for three months, I must finish exams, which means lots and lots of studying! And while next week I will have a post for you all filled with more of my wit and charm, this week I have gone through your questions and answered them to the best of my ability. And because you all like knowing the weirdest things about me. So, let’s learn about the weird life of Morgan, shall we?

What is your favorite comfort food?

My favourite comfort food would have to be chicken and waffles. It’s a basic staple in my diet now. I love Southern food (courtesy of my best friend’s family) and it’s just necessary to eat it whenever I can because it makes me happy.

Current life goal?

To make Calum Hood my best friend because we’d be great besties and take pictures with adorable dogs!

What are you doing right now?

Writing this blog post, eating a chocolate muffin, and discussing the little band of incredibly fit boys who run around campus shirtless all the time.Read More

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The Love Whisperer (A Q&A)

The time has come again for a little Q&A, where I answer the questions that have been littering my inbox for weeks now.

Tell us about a crush you’ve had.

This is so embarrassing. Seriously, this guy probably has no idea I had a crush on him for six years. Then again, it wasn’t like I was super obvious about it because I could barely speak in his presence.. I had this crush on this guy who I went to middle & high school with and I still think he’s adorable when he shows up on my Facebook newsfeed. But yeah, I used to punch him in the shoulder because I thought it was cute. It was not. I used to get very flustered in his presence. It was unattractive. I don’t think it was until I was a senior in high school that I finally put on my big girl panties and actually had a normal conversation with him without awkwardly melting into a puddle. Yeah, crush-y Morgan is not exactly girl power Morgan.

I don’t understand the BLS/BBS thing.

Meet Haley, my Blogging Little Sis. Basically, Haley is another blogger on this awesome Internet thing. Haley and I have had quite a bit of interaction through Twitter and Huffington Post Teen and it led to me mentoring her (called a Blogging Big Sis). Of course, I’ve grown to love her as my blogging buddy and so we’ve started a little family. She’s so supportive of everything I’ve done and I am the same way with her. She’s also absolutely hilarious and our chats are fantastic. So yeah, the BLS/BBS thing is two girls working together to change the world one blog post at a time.Read More