10 Makeup Must-Haves for Your Beauty Bag

Everyone has that one product they need to have in their beauty bag. I have 10. The longer I play around with makeup the more I discover what I love and what makes me feel my best. And by now I think I have figured out what products do just that.


These are the products that will always be in my makeup bag because I know that they will never fail me. Ever.Read More

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The 16 Beauty Products I Buy Over and Over Again

While I love trying out new products and using about every sample the store gives away, there are some tried and true products that will always be in my routine.

Today I’ve compiled a list of the products that have been staples in my beauty routine for years now. Some of them are more recent than others, but every single one is something that I think is necessary for me to look (and feel) my best. These products have gotten me through the rough times (Hello, finals week with my period) and have made sure I’m primped in the good moments. Everything in this list is perfection, so why not share?

Hopefully you will try some of these and they will make it into your routine just like they did mine!Read More

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Favourites Friday #13

Who else is ready to recover from the Favourites Friday hiatus?

After spending much too much time not doing a Favourites Friday, I have a big list of favourites that I’m just waiting to share with you! It’s been a crazy few weeks (Christmas, New Years, winter break, the blog turning five, etc.) and I’m ready to get back into the normal swing of things. And by normal, I mean the enthusiastic!

This week’s favourites are all the products that I have sampled/tried/purchased/etc. since the last Favourites Friday that I am just flipping out over! And I have every right to because December was my month of discovering amazing things! Hopefully you’ll find them as amazing as I did.Read More