5 Ways I Prepare For a Busy Week

Lately it seems all I have is busy week after busy week. While I love taking on the challenge, it does take a certain bit of planning to ensure that everything is in place.

five ways i prepare for a busy week

On weeks where I know things are going to be full – long day at the office, weekends traveling – I always take one day out of my weekend to prepare everything so I feel on top of my game. Here’s my five steps for busy week preparation:Read More

Going Somewhere? A Guide to Trip Planning

One of my biggest pleasures in life is traveling. Once I decide to pack my bags, my enthusiasms for the next few weeks are centered around the trip. And going somewhere I’ve never been just makes me buzz with excitement.

Trip Planning Guide

And as excited as I get, a big part of it comes from preparing for the trip itself. As a Type-A girl, I really can’t enjoy myself unless I have some sort of plan as to where I’m staying, what my itinerary is, and what places to eat. I’m all for spontaneity, but I want to make the best of my time.

90% of the time I am Trip Coordinator for my girlfriends – and I’m an assistant who has booked plenty of travel for other people – so I thought today I would share some of my best tricks for putting together a trip that is relaxing to plan and go on.Read More

Tips for an Amazing Trip

Whether you’re headed to the mountains for some outdoors time, or to Hawaii for your anniversary, there are a few tips that will make your trip a great one.

What to Bring

  • A good bag that can hold: your sunglasses, a notebook, a pen/pencil, a snack and/or water, your mobile phone, a guidebook, and your wallet. Items may vary for the individual.
  • A raincoat.
  • Sturdy walking shoes.

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