What is High-Functioning Anxiety?

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed, even though you’re getting plenty done? Do you feel like you can never achieve success, even when you have achievements? You likely are a highly-functioning anxious person.

High-Functioning Anxiety

Today we are going to discuss what high-functioning anxiety (HFA) is, as discussed by someone who has it herself.Read More

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Why People Aren’t Perfect


Sorry for not being the best blogger in the interwebs, but once all these uni essays are over with, you will have my FULL and UNDIVIDED attention!

So, shall we discuss why people aren’t perfect?

I feel like we should backtrack to last weekend. As I said two posts ago, I took my SAT last weekend, and the only reason I was happy to do it was so that I could spend time with my BFF afterwards. But that’s only half true. I love Katy and all, but half of the appeal of hanging out with her was getting to watch JacksGap (check them out here on YouTube) for six hours.

What is JacksGap? Let me tell you. There are three things that make me weak in the knees.
1) Adorable boys 2) British people 3) Twins

I think you now see why I basically adore Jack and Finn.

Anyway, so when we’d watched our fair share of JacksGap, I decided to read some of the comments on the videos because I get a kick out of that kind of stuff. So I’m reading these comments and about 80% of them say, “You are both so perfect! Marry me!”

And it got me thinking.

They are human beings just like you and me, so what makes them perfect if we are not? Who cares if they are the grandsons of one of my favorite playwrights (*cough* Michael Frayn *cough*) they aren’t perfect. Just very handsome.

And that got me thinking about all of the times we’ve all sat around thinking about actors or models or the ridiculously pretty girl in your Government class with flawless skin and thought they were perfect. But no one is perfect. We’ve all got problems. We just don’t always show them. If you were to meet me, you might think, “Wow, Morgan is really calm. I bet she’s never stressed.” You would be WRONG. I have lots of stress, more stress than I would like to share. But, as I don’t want people to hide behind lockers when I walk by them, I tend to keep a lot of my stress internalized and put on a happy face. See, I’m not perfect. I just know where to put my problems.

It’s so easy to think that someone who is attractive or who seems to breeze by in life is perfect, which is unfortunate. If we just take the part that really matters, you realize that we are all made the same and we all have problems. We all have family issues, or acne, or bad grades, or allergies, or bad relationships, or ugly haircuts, etc. Someone could think you are perfect because you never seem to have a worry and have nice hair. And you think that you are the most imperfect individual ever. Just keep that in perspective.

So, next time you’re sitting on a train and thinking, “Wow, that boy is hawt” (like I did for a lot of my train rides in Europe) remember that like you and me, he isn’t perfect, no matter how perfect his face may look.

Just wanted to put that on your minds as you go into the week. I hope you all have lovely days ahead of you.

Also, please keep me in your prayers this week as I work a major deadline for an application that could pay my entire tuition. Your thoughts would mean the world to me!

Keep it classy internet,

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Big City Life

For Spring Break I’m in the big city. Being a small town girl, being in the city is my favorite thing ever! People who live in the city don’t appreciate it like I do, as a wonderful, magical place full of great shops and homeless people. I love the city. The reasons are abundant.

1. The Shops. Living in small towns, the only good shopping is at least an hour away. Here in the city, I walk two blocks and there’s Anthropologie, West Elm, and Sur la Table. City people take it for advantage, but it’s honestly the best shopping experience I can dream of.

2. The Food. In a small town, you have your burger joint, bad Chinese, and maybe a few Mexican restaurants. In the city I can have just about anything my brain can come up with. So far on my trip? I had sushi for dinner last night, croissants and fresh fruit for breakfast, fish burrito for lunch, and Thai for dinner. The city makes all your food needs reachable.

3. The People. People in the city are much more diverse than the personalities of small town folk. You see people actually dressing up in heels for work. Blows your mind, right? The diversity of the people is pretty amazing. Walking down the street you see people wearing jeans, people wearing $200 skirts, even people wearing saris. It’s such a great group of people.

4. The Fashion. Almost everyone dresses the same in small towns. In the city, you don’t see the same outfit ever. People have a real fashion sense that is all their own. It’s the best place for fashion inspiration!

I’m really enjoying my time in the city. I don’t want to leave in a few days, so I’m making the absolute best of my time here. Wish me luck on my city adventure!

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How to Be My Friend

After a recent spat with a friend, what friendship means to me (and what I look for in a friend) has been on my mind quite a bit.

From years of gaining and losing friends, watching endless numbers of films, and just observing how the world goes through other forms of art and stories, we learn how we want to be treated. By the time we are teenagers, or even later depending on the individual, we know ourselves pretty well to know how we want our lives to go. We understand the type of people we want to befriend, how we want these people to treat us, and whether the people in our lives are positively benefitting us.

I’ve made lots of friends (and lost quite a few too) over the span of my life. And with each gained and lost relationship, I’ve learned a little about myself and a little about the people I want to be around.

The people you want to surround yourself with are some of the most important people of you life. If you are surrounded by negative people who discourage your dreams, put you down, and make you feel bullied at any time, you are going to have a negative self-esteem and feel unimportant, which can lead to depression and other issues. If you are surrounded by positive people who encourage your dreams, support you, and help you feel good about yourself, you are going to feel confident and accomplish so much more than you could think!

Some of the things I look for in the people in my social circle are:

  • People who care about their education and try to succeed
  • People who can carry a conversation
  • People with whom I can feel safe that my secrets stay secrets
  • People who do not pick on me unless in a jokingly matter
  • People who are not constant downers
  • People who genuinely want to be my friend

I’m not incredibly picky, but when it comes to friends, they can make or break you. You want to be able to goof off with your friends and not feel like someone is judging your every move. One of my big issues of the last year was feeling constantly bullied in my social circle by a certain person, something that I feel still goes on. Feeling that way makes it hard for me to feel comfortable being myself, which I hate. I want to be able to make funny faces and tell stories without the fear of approval. Being picked on isn’t fun, and when it’s with a close friend, it’s worse. Pick the people in your life carefully. Not everyone has to be your friend, you can have acquaintances. But when you feel bullied or uncomfortable, address the issue and either talk to the person or a counselor to see their take. How you feel is important and can affect future life choices.

How do you feel in your social circle? Are you positively or negatively influenced? Comment below or e-mail me at mo425@q.com for any advice in your situation.

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Stop Worrying and Enjoy Yourself

There are two types of people in this world. Those who spend their time worrying and those who spend their time not worrying.

I fall into that first category. Worrying is something I list as one of my hobbies. I constantly do it, and I’m sure it’s the reason I will die at 30. I worry about everything. Whether it be about school, money, family, friends, my writing, or even whether my hair looks okay, I just worry.

I don’t enjoy it. My Type A personality basically comes with the instinct of worrying. In my family the worrying gene usually skips a generation. But I broke that cycle. My grandmother is not a worrier, my mother is, and I am a worrier also. It’s a charmed life.

The issue with worrying is that everything becomes that much larger. The simplest worries become humongous and life-consuming. And if you’re an emotional person like me, a lot of crying. And that’s not healthy. Not at all. I want to enjoy things, not worry about them. To jump off a cliff and not worry about dying (but not literally because I would most definitely die.)

  • I worry about school. I worry about whether I get along with anyone in my classes, if I will do well, if my teachers will like me, etc. My way of getting over it and enjoying school? Knowing that I am a friendly person who makes friends easily and that I already know most of my teachers and that I’m a good student and will follow a rigorous study schedule. Problem solved.
  • I worry about growing up. About getting a job and going out into the world and having to be a whole independent person. Yes, I know it’s years away but I still worry. And the way to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is to remember I am years away from that and to make the right decisions to make grown up life earlier. Problem solved.
And those are only some of the things I worry about.

But we’re all different. We all worry in different ways. So just remember that we are never given more than we can chew and as long as we dissect each chew, it will all good.

Thank you for being such groovy readers!

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The Best Friend

You know from my last post that I have moved quite a bit in my life. And because of that I’ve never really had a best friend. Until now.

I’ve always thought of best friends as something of a luxury. I never had one, but I always saw them on television shows. They were the people you told your secrets and worries to. They were the people who if someone asked you, “Who is your best friend?” you automatically said their name. They were the people that, in your weakest moment, they had your back. And that was a luxury to me.

But recently I’ve received the benefit of getting a best friend. It happened kind of strangely. I met my best friend at the end of my freshmen year of high school. I’d known her slightly (although we’d never talked) but we didn’t really start becoming acquaintances until 6th period Concert Choir.

From there on, we fit into friendship quite easily. That summer we hung out once or twice. And during the school year it became even more of a close friendship. We had two classes together in the first semester, but during second semester we had five classes together. And trust me, it’s hard being angry at your friend when you have five classes together.

We were just good friends at those points though. It would take until the end of the school year until I could firmly say she was my best friend. I could tell her my embarrassing secrets, be my absolutely goofiest, and cry without being ashamed in front of her. And she calls me her best friend. That’s a moment that I hold dear.

Best friends are something that I’ve never taken for granted. I know that a friendship status can change in the blink of an eye. If Facebook had a ‘Friendship Status’ category on a profile, your entire News Feed would be filled with the change of friendships.

I love my best friend and the time I get to spend with her. If you have a best friend, let them know how much they mean to you. If you don’t have a best friend, don’t worry. You don’t need one. And on that note, I feel like I should say that although I have a best friend, I don’t believe it should be as exclusive as that. I have a best friend, yes, but I also have tons of people who I consider as best friends, who aren’t quite as individual as a best friend, but they each have qualities I’d want in a best friend.

Thank you for reading! And if you are my best friend (you know who you are) thanks for being so great. I’d be sad without you.

Keep on reading. You are a great audience!

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Ma Demi-soeur Megan

In our lifetimes, there are always people who we look up to, to guide us on our journeys throughout life. There are a few people who are like that to me, and one of them is my dear friend Megan.

I call my friend Megan ma demi-soeur. It means “half sister” in French. Of course, we aren’t actually related in any form since I’ve only known each other for a little over a year. I call her my demi-soeur because we both had to do presentations in French about our families. We could use actors and cartoons to help make our presentations. We both ended up using Robin Williams as our father, making us “demi-soeurs”.

Megan is like a mentor to me. She is much more experienced in life than me. She’s gone through so much and knows so much more than me. She is my guiding light. And I love her very much.

Of course, I adore her, and I know she feels the same way. I encourage everyone to meet her because she is just such an inspiring, fun person. You can meet her at http://www.versaivex.wordpress.com and talk to her about whatever. She’s there with tons of great advice.


And with that, I’m done! Click on the link to Megan’s blog! Cheers!


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Friends, Plain and Simple

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are ~ Unknown

No matter where I might be, or who I might be with, or whatever emotion I might be feeling, friends are always there. Honestly, they are the greatest of them all.

I am blessed with the most amazing friends in the world. Honestly, they are so amazing and I look to the heavens to think about how truly lucky I am. They make my day better when no one else can, they provide that push I need when even my family can’t get me out of bed.

Friends are there until the end. I’ve had so many amazing friends and usually within a few years I end up leaving them, because I’m moving or because we just have too little in common that we cannot pretend to be friends anymore. But I think that any friendship, big or small, little or great, is something that is important. My longest friendship was 4 years. My shortest friendship was a month. And sure, my longest friendship (which is still going on) isn’t really deep or anything (they aren’t my best friend) but I still cherish the friendship deeply. And the shortest friendship (with whom I am no longer talking to) was really great, even if things ended badly. I consider both of these people to be people with whom I had a great time with whenever I was in their presence.

Friendship is, without a doubt, the best thing to even walk the planet. I love my friends and this post goes straight to you guys. You rock my world and turn it upside down. And for my bestie Amanda, man, what would I do without you??

So, go celebrate your friends and remember just how lucky you are to have them in your life.

Loving friendship,


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The Ups & Downs of Frenemies

Okay, so I’m sure almost everyone in the world has a frenemy. If you don’t now what a frenemy is, let me educate you.

Frenemy noun

Someone with whom you get along with 50% of the time and hate 50% of the time. You also can’t stand this person but also love to be around them. Someone with whom your feelings go up and down with.

You have now been educated.

Anyway, frenemies are something that, unfortunatley, are a huge part of life. For a lot of people, you will have plenty of people who you call frenemies. For others, you might only have one or two. It’s a fact of life.

So, how do we know they are our frenemy? Is there any way to check? Of course there is. I’ve composed a list.

Ways to Know You Have a Frenemy:

  1. Some days you enjoy their presence while others you try to avoid them
  2. You want to kill them because they annoy you so much and then you want to hug them because they are so funny
  3. People are confused whenever you say “I hate (insert name here)” or “I love (same name here)”
  4. You just sort of know 🙂

These are definitely ways to know. If a person fits any of these descriptions…Congratulations, you have a frenemy!

“You have a frenemy, you have a frenemy” (It sounds like “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story)

And the ups & downs? The ups are that you have a friend with whom can make you laugh and be happy. The downs are that you have a very annoying friend that makes you want to tear out your hair. Good luck with that one. You can’t tear hair out of your head.

So, do you have a frenemy? Post in the comments about your realizations and subscribe for more entertaining times with talks about frenemies, school, and basic, old school teenager-ism 🙂

Have fun with your frenemies,