Sorry for the complete lack of purposeful posting this week. I seem to have fallen ill and posting comes last on the list after homework, after-school activities, and trying to beat out this cold.

But that’s no excuse. So I’m going to have to write one really fantastic post. But do I have what’s right to write?

Oh, the use of words that sound the same.

This week has been a week of realizations. I realized things that have changed me for the greater good. And I’m here to share them with you.

1. Your parents just want what is best for you. They might be buzz kills or strict or just plain sticks in the mud, but they really just want you to be good people. I sometimes forget that my parents want me to be the best young woman I can be and think they are just ruining my fun. But they want what is best for me and will do their best to achieve this goal. And I love them for that. I really do.

2. Everyone’s standards are different. I was sitting after school and saw this girl I know. She isn’t exactly the most kind person I know, or the most tolerable, so I was a bit shocked to see her with a guy, making out. I thought, “Now, I am much more tolerable and kind than she is. Why am I not in a relationship?” But I realized that what she might want in a relationship is different than what I want. And just because she has a boyfriend, who probably likes her for how she is, doesn’t mean that she’s better than me. It means that I just haven’t met the guy whose standards match up with mine. And that made me feel better, and a little bit less…hopelessly single?

3. Do your very best. We all have different levels that are our own personal bests. I realized that just because one person can be in all the high school clubs and do sports and get straight A’s, it doesn’t mean that if I’m not the same I’m not at my own personal best. My personal best is completely different from everyone else. And that’s what makes me unique. It was a really cool realization.

Okay guys, I hope that made up for a lack of posting. I hope you’re all thinking and making your own realizations. Please post some of them in the comments. I would love to hear.

Thank you for being such fantastic readers.

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It’s Like an Anniversary With My House

Today is a milestone in my life. I have officially lived in the same place for 4 years.

My entire life it has been 3 years and so many months and then we leave. And now I’ve lived in the same town and had the same friends (give or take a few people) for 4 years. And it’s brought something out in me.

I used to compare my life to that of an army brat. You know, the kid that gets their life uprooted every year or so. But I realize that in ways my situation was worse. Instead of just moving and not really making relationships, I made those relationships, made connections, and then had to be painfully pulled away. And in my opinion, that just sounds worse.

I love my life now. I used to always resent moving and having to change schools, friends, and towns. But it has morphed me into the person that I am now. And to that I am thankful to my parents. If my father hadn’t thought that changing jobs and moving to different towns would be good for me and my brother, who would I be? I definitely wouldn’t be the independent, thoughtful young woman I am today. So, to my parents who I hope read this, thank you for just being the sort of parents who did everything with me in mind. I love you two.

I’m getting a bit teary now, so I guess I should probably bid my adieu. It’s been a lovely 8 months with all you readers. And I hope we can continue this…thing we have.