My Weekend Travel Essentials

This weekend I was able to travel out of the the city and enjoy myself in wine country. A weekend away was exactly what I needed. The open air, good wine, and fantastic company!

my weekend travel essentials

Weekend travel is short and sweet, but always worth it. I always make sure to pack my bag for anything I could need, especially when the weather is fluctuating. I love products that can multi-task or work with other pieces as it’s important to pack light while not feeling like you’re missing a limb.

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Travel Tuesday: What to Bring on Your __________ Vacation

Travel Tuesday

Who has their suitcases? It’s Travel Tuesday, which means we’re going on vacation.

Everyone’s vacation is a little bit different. I mean, everyone has different ideas of what counts as a vacation. For my mom it’s about lying poolside and catching up on reading. For my dad it’s getting out into nature. For my brother it’s about playing video games. For me, I like to go somewhere I’ve never been and explore. See, vacation is different for everyone.

That’s why today’s Travel Tuesday is going to cover a variation of vacations, so no matter what you count as a holiday you’re well prepared for packing!Read More

The 8 Essential Vacation Essentials

On Saturday morning at 5:10, I will be on a plane to San Francisco where I shall be soaking up some quality travel time with my girl Alex and listening to the tune of Meghan Trainor at The Masonic. Yes, it shall be the perfect vacation for my weary mind.

But to go on vacation one must have all their essentials to make sure they have the best time ever! And lucky for you, I travel enough to know exactly what you’re going to need on your vacation.

Ticket for One: Everything You Need to Have a Great Vacation

1. A go-to outfit

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Talk About It Tuesdays 3: Packing

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 16: Talk About It Tuesday

Talk About It Tuesdays

G’day Enthusiasts! How are we feeling today? Are we feeling as lazy as I am? I swear that all of my motivation has drained out of me as I realize how much has to be done to move into my apartment next week. It’s insane to think that I’ll be back in Eugene next week, and starting school the next. Where did the summer go?!

And since we’re on the topic of moving, I guess this is as good a segue as I am going to get towards discussing packing. Whether it be packing my suitcase for a weekend trip or packing up boxes and boxes to move to another place, packing is something we’ve all had to do multiple times. And despite the fact that I’ve made tens – if not hundreds – of packing lists for various reasons, I still don’t enjoy packing.Read More

What to Pack When You're Heading to Europe (in the Summer)

In two days I am off to Europe for my much anticipated trip I have been talking about for ages. My trip seemed so far away only a short time ago, but now it’s so close I can smell it’s European perfume! But, as with any trip, so many things must be done before one can get on the plane. Hotels must be called, flights must be booked, restaurants & sights of interest must be scouted, and suitcases need to be packed. And, as in true Morgan fashion, all of that is done except for the packing.

Now, what does one bring on a trip to Europe such as mine? My circumstances are a bit different than the usual, as I am traveling for 10 days without a washer & dryer and limited suitcase space. But, as the old saying goes, when Europe gives you lemons, you make packing changes.


  • Tees – even though you want to be wearing your most expensive Gucci dress since you’re in Europe tees are essential and¬†practical. Having 4 or 5 with you means you can mix them up (and not seem like you wore the same shirt twice on the trip) with scarves, necklaces, and sweaters.
  • Jeans –¬†bring a pair of two with you. Since it’s the summer, it might be too hot, but it’s also good to be ready if it rains or is chilly. Plus, you can roll them up for a summer-y look.Read More