My Summer Skincare Routine

If you were checking the Portland weather this weekend you will know we had lots of sunshine. There were sunglasses to be worn and sunscreen to be slathered on shoulders. After an exceptionally long winter, it seems like sun is finally in season.

summer beauty routine

With sun comes a change in skin, as we are producing more oil and the UV rays are harsh and unforgiving. That’s why I’ve revamped my skincare to take care of this quick change in seasons to make sure I still have a healthy glow while making sure to keep my skin free of oils.
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My 5 Favourite Face Cleansers

Your face is a temple. Yes, I know we always say body, but when you really think about it, if we had to choose one thing to look amazing, it would be our faces.


Our faces are the first thing people see, the main focus of our selfies, and they deserve love and attention. That’s why face cleanser is so important. Choose your face problem and POOF! there’s a cleanser for that.

Today I’ve rounded up my five favourite cleansers and am going to share them with you so that you can be as equally in awe as me. Let’s begin…Read More

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Favourites Friday #47

It’s time to get back to the basics.

tom cruise risky business

Sometimes life gets a little hectic (such as moving and starting a new job in a week) and you find yourself not knowing up or down. That’s why the basics are there, to ground me to what is really important. And this week I needed that reminder.

My favourites this week are the things that I know keep me going in the direction I want to go. Whether it’s something to entertain me, maintain my personal style, or to just keep me feeling good, it’s on this list.


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Favourites Friday #35


Welcome to the first week of Morgan’s incredibly long summer. It’s a summer filled with long days of work and applying to jobs like she’s getting paid to do it.

One of the hardest things about summer is maintaining a professional look while not dying in the heat. It’s hard, especially when you walk to work like I do. But that’s why there are certain ways to style yourself to make sure you look in tiptop shape for the office, without looking like the heat is killing you.

Today’s Favourites Friday is all about how to look cool for the office all summer long!

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