Favourites Friday No.89

After a week of many technical difficulties and some unexpected curve balls, I’m finally back to blogging! And in time for Favourites Friday!


This week was crazy as I am preparing for a very fun weekend (check out my Instagram this weekend to keep up!) and was dealing with a lot at work. My biggest lesson I learned this week is that sometimes you’re going to want to have an absolute hissy fit when coworkers upset you, especially when everyone is busy. But now it’s the weekend and it’s time to rejoice!Read More

Winter Beauty Essentials

It’s winter! Winter is such a beautiful season. Everything is frosty and frozen. And your skin dries up and your complexion is peaky. This means it’s time to rev up your beauty/skincare routine for the winter season. Hardcore, lightweight moisturizers. Pale, translucent eye shadow. Subtle, high-pigment blushes. Winter beauty has a very selective variation of products that are essential to looking great. And I have figured them all out!

As you enter the holiday season remember these beauty tips and tricks to make sure you do the season in style – and with no dry, flaky skin.

Let’s get beautiful!Read More