The 20 Year Old Thing (A Q&A)

It’s been a crazy week. My birthday, midterms, lots of lots of film screenings and life in general have made everything crazy. And that’s why it’s time for a Q&A to calm things down!

I Turned 20 and Stuff is Going On (A Q&A)

What’s going on with you right now?

A million and nine things. And that’s okay. I’m dealing with all of it one thing at a time and luckily I have the most amazing support system to make sure that I don’t completely implode.

How was your birthday?

AMAZING! My boyfriend and best friends worked together to surprise me by getting all of them in a Eugene Olive Garden. It was so great to have all my fave people with me on my birthday, but it was hard not having my family there. Hopefully next year I can have them all!Read More

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The "Midterms Are Coming" Playlist

As I look at my calendar I notice that midterms are coming, and that means there are projects and tests galore. And as someone who loves to listen to a good tune while strapped down with my laptop and class notes, I figured it was time I put together a playlist for midterm studying. And who better to share it with than you guys?

Morgan Does Midterms: A Playlist

No Good For You – Meghan Trainor

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars More

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Song Saturdays 3: HCR, Jessie, MIKA, Maroon 5 & Jamie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 20: Song Saturday

Song Saturdays

Ello Enthusiasts! When packing up your life you need a good playlist to get you through the boxes upon boxes you have to pack. And when you have zero motivation (see: haven’t even started packing) it’s all about pumping yourself up with some awesome music. And so, while I pack boxes and make sure not to forget anything, you can also indulge in this playlist!

The Box Packing Playlist

1. Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

I always like to have Hot Chelle Rae in my playlists because their music gets me pumped! This song in particular is good for just keeping my rhythm steady while I work. Plus, the lyrics are entertaining! If you like this song, also check out “Downtown Girl.”Read More

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Song Saturdays 1: Vamps, Swifty, Meghan, 5SOS & That Disney Channel Movie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 6: Song Saturdays

Song Saturdays

It’s Saturday! Happy weekend! To celebrate the weekend (and to give me some good jams while I pack up for my Cali trip on Wednesday) here are my songs from the week that have just kept me going. I’ve been so busy putting together two weeks of Everyday Enthusiasm, plus the regular life things, so I’ve needed stuff that’s going to keep me pumped up, even when I’m in dire need of caffeine.

Let Song Saturday begin!

5 Songs to Get You Through the Weekend

1. Somebody to You – The Vamps feat. Demi Lovato

Somebody take me to a The Vamps concert, I beg of you!Read More

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Yes, Can I Have Some 5SOS With My Fries?

What band has two million Twitter followers, sold out tours, toured with the world’s hottest boy band, and no album? 5 Seconds of Summer!

5 Seconds of Summer, a.k.a. 5SOS (five sauce) ~ an Australian rock band that has melted their way into our hearts and musical souls. 

That’s it. We’re finally going to discuss the adorable Australian band that has officially reached VEVO status. Why? Because I am ridiculously baffled/proud of their success and I think it is time to discuss. This is also my blog and I like to discuss my enthusiasms.

Why 5SOS Should Be Your Favourite Band (And Your Favourite People on the Planet)

Their Single

Earlier this week 5 Seconds of Summer released their first single. While 5SOS has released music before, this is their first actual single before their album release later this year. The single is called “She Looks So Perfect” and is responsible for American Apparel’s recent spike in underwear purchases. It is a bloody brilliant track. Give it a listen

Read More

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Artists I Know You’ll Love

Let’s talk about music. We all have different tastes. Only the other day I posted in the Facebook group for my freshman class what kind of music everyone likes and no two people had the same answers. We are all attracted to different genres and voices and lyrics. And so I thought today I’d share with you some music that I love that I think you might like too.

I Listen to a Lot of British Artists: A Musical Compositon


If you don’t love Adele, I don’t want to breathe the same air as you. She has more soul than I thought was possible and her music is beautiful.

Andy Grammar

This man just makes the best music. My friend Kelsi and I will play his station on Slacker whenever we go on long drives. Andy makes catchy music that has a great message.

The Beatles

Need I say anything? It’s the Beatles.

Read More

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My Road Trip Playlist

This month is my big month of travel. Last week I went to Eugene for freshman orientation, this week I go to the coast with my best friend Katy, and the week after that I go to Portland for a  Bruno Mars concert! So, all in all, I’m going to be on the road a lot this month. And car rides are so boring without appropriate music, so I have my own Road Trip Playlist on my phone that provides several hours of fantastic car music. And I thought I’d share it with you.

Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows

All About You – McFly

Animal – Neon Trees

Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

Army of Two – Olly Murs

Read More

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How to Feel Better

If you’ve been reading my Twitter (@teenenthusiasm) then you’ll know that starting yesterday I have been feeling quite poorly. That’s why the post I was going to put up yesterday was pushed back today and changed into this one.

As I am ill, I have been taking care of myself and trying to get better as quickly as possible. And I thought I’d share with you guys my steps towards feeling better. So, let’s go!

1. Tea it Up!

A cup of hot tea is such a great way to clean yourself out and warm up your shivering body. This morning I’ve been obsessed with mint green tea. The mint helps my nose and green tea is just good for you. Spicy teas are also good, especially if your nose is really clogged up.

2. Listen to Music


This is going to sound odd, but listening to music really does help. I put together poppy, catchy playlists and listen to them all day. The upbeat music keeps me from feeling down and helps me keep my mood neutral. Above is a screenshot of my current ‘Morgan is Ill’ playlist. As you can tell, British boy bands make really good music for when you are ill (Busted,McFly, One Direction).

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My October Playlist

For me getting up in the morning, before I go to sleep, getting dressed, and doing homework are not fully complete unless I have music playing. And during certain parts of the year, the right music is key to getting in the spirit.

October is such a great month and the start of fall where I live. It’s getting colder, so I can wear as many sweaters as I please, and I’m really excited! However, I cannot truly start my morning unless I have the correct music to boost my spirits up before a dreary day at school. So, without further ado, here is my playlist for October 2012.

Rumour Has It – Adele

Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers

The Writer – Ellie Goulding

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2012 Playlist

Grab your iPod and scroll through your playlists. You probably have ones for working out, getting dressed in the morning, in the car, etc. Playlists are those lists of music that fit the mood or pump you up. And for 2012, you need to have a playlist.

This is the year of preparation, or at least for me. In this year I will be starting to prepare for my future. In a month I’ll be turning 17. In a few months I’ll be getting . This summer I’ll be deciding which universities I want to apply to. At the end of this year, applications will be sent in and the wait for acceptance will begin. It’s the year of preparation and therefore it needs the perfect music to help me get through it.

But what is on the playlist for 2012? Music that keeps me going through hard exam study sessions, that helps me finish scholarship essays, and inspires me to live up life because you only live once! And it’s lively and fun and good music to listen to. Here is the Top 15 Countdown to the 2012 Playlist. At 15…

15. Something Good Can Work
Two Door Cinema ClubRead More