Favourites Friday No.91

And we’re back! I am going into this weekend feeling energized, excited, and enjoying a really good book. After weeks of feeling too stretched out, I’m looking forward to a weekend of getting back to my roots.


Highlights of this week were seeing my parents, a pizza party at work, and possibly finding a new apartment. Lows included a major breakout, sitting in traffic for way too long, and our summer intern at work leaving. But overall, a massively good week!Read More

My July Playlist

A big part of my life is music. From attending a handful of concerts each year to always having background music when I’m getting ready, I need music in my life.

my july playlist

I always have playlists set up for my mood¬†and for July I had lots of songs on repeat. I thought today I’d share the songs that got me through this month, and maybe they’ll make it on your August playlist.Read More

Favourites Friday #65: Songs of {sorta} Spring

As we welcomed March this week, I expected Spring to peek it’s head out and welcome us with greenery and sunshine.

Instead it’s been grey and rainy.


To keep my mood up – and my long car rides fun – I have a playlist in my car of songs I love to sing along to and will always belt. I thought today I would share it as they are truly wonderful songs that my broken singing voice actually can pull off. Happy Friday!Read More

Song Saturday: Tunes of the Week

Song Saturday

It’s important to have a good soundtrack for your week, which is what this Song Saturday is all about!

I love good music and during a week filled with work and housework, tunes that keep me grooving are what it is all about. I need something that’s going to keep me out of the slump. And that’s why I’m sharing with you my songs of the week that kept me shaking and baking all week long.Read More

Song Saturday: The Best Music Videos

EE 2

Oh, it’s Song Saturday again? Well, good, because I have plenty of music to share!

I thought today would be a great day to talk music videos. And not just any music videos, the best ones (in my opinion). Music videos are some of my favourite things, and sharing them is always fun. So why not share them today? Are any your favourites?

*Note: This is based purely on opinion and the fact I’m a 20-year-old girl and 90% of my favourite music videos are videos I don’t have room to fit into this blog post.

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Song Saturday: The Best of Spotify Playlists

EE 2

Welcome back to another fine day here on Everyday Enthusiasm. It’s the weekend and I’m currently tucking in for a Harry Potter movie marathon, so I hope everyone’s weekend is as fantastic as mine. Today is Song Saturday, so let’s add some music to your weekend mix.

I don’t know about you, but I am a frequent Spotify listener. If you’re unfamiliar with Spotify, it is a music streaming service that allows one to make and listen to playlists from all around the world with all different genres. I like to make playlists for about any occasion (hello, finals week playlists) and love seeing what other people make. It’s a great idea and it’s free!


I thought I would share with you my favourite playlists to listen to on Spotify. Whether I’ve made them, someone else has, or Spotify team members did, these are the playlists that get my groove on.

Don’t forget to check me out on Spotify here.Read More

Song Saturday: Best of this Week

Song Saturday

Hiya Enthusiasts! It’s Song Saturday for Everyday Enthusiasm and what better way to kick this off than reviewing iTunes Top 10 Songs this week? I’m a music buff, I won’t lie, and I think it’s time I reviewed some music that isn’t my favourite. Let’s see what happened…Read More

June Bloom Playlist

It’s June, which means summer is about to be in full bloom, and it’s time to get ready for all of it! Ready for sunbathing, actually reading books, pool time, and just about everything else we only do during these summer months. So, what better way to prepare for those days (and to make putting on sunscreen more enjoyable) than to have a playlist we can bop along to?

Yeah, I made you one.

June is in Bloom, And So is This Playlist

Black Magic – Little Mix

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Rainy Day Playlist

Once again it is raining in Eugene and my brain needs a serious pick up if I’m going to make it to the weekend. And to pick my mood up, mood boosting music is exactly what I need! Because it is Memorial Day weekend and we all just want to get away from home (or stay at home alone with movies and quinoa oatmeal) so let’s start our weekend off right with the best music for a good weekend! Even though it’s raining…

Don’t Rain on My Music Parade Playlist

Sugar – Maroon 5

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The 20 Year Old Thing (A Q&A)

It’s been a crazy week. My birthday, midterms, lots of lots of film screenings and life in general have made everything crazy. And that’s why it’s time for a Q&A to calm things down!

I Turned 20 and Stuff is Going On (A Q&A)

What’s going on with you right now?

A million and nine things. And that’s okay. I’m dealing with all of it one thing at a time and luckily I have the most amazing support system to make sure that I don’t completely implode.

How was your birthday?

AMAZING! My boyfriend and best friends worked together to surprise me by getting all of them in a Eugene Olive Garden. It was so great to have all my fave people with me on my birthday, but it was hard not having my family there. Hopefully next year I can have them all!Read More