Not Going Out? Enjoy Some Halloween Movies

One of the best parts of October is all of the Halloween movies. Hours and hours of entertainment, being scared, and wanting to be in Hocus Pocus. What could be better?

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Favourites Friday No.91

And we’re back! I am going into this weekend feeling energized, excited, and enjoying a really good book. After weeks of feeling too stretched out, I’m looking forward to a weekend of getting back to my roots.


Highlights of this week were seeing my parents, a pizza party at work, and possibly finding a new apartment. Lows included a major breakout, sitting in traffic for way too long, and our summer intern at work leaving. But overall, a massively good week!Read More

My 10 All-Time Favourite Films

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved films. There’s something about watching an entire story unfold in only 90 minutes that has always entranced me. A world is revealed in a short time, in the most visual art. Cinema is my life.

my 10 alltime favourite films

And while I love to watch films in my free time, my taste in films varies by mood. I love to watch plotless films on bad days, dramatic films on weekends, and romantic comedies when I eat.Read More

My Favourite Holiday Films

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the movies. There’s something about the wholesome jolly that are Christmas films. And when it gets to December they are all I watch!


Since it is Monday and I will likely spend after work watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, I thought I would share my favourite films for the holiday season!Read More

Movies Every Girl Should Live By

As a female in today’s society, I have learned a lot about what it means it be a strong, independent, fearless, compassionate woman from movies.

It’s as Audrey Hepburn said. “Everything I learned, I learned from movies.” And it’s true. So much of what goes into making us is what we see on the silver screen. That’s why it’s important that as people we are seeing the movies that teach us to be role models to ourselves and others.

Today I’ve compiled a list of movies that feature great roles for women/teach women lessons on life. While there are definitely some missing (I want to do my more hardcore movies in their own post) this one features some lighter – and more serious – films that feature impossibly brave women.

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Movie Monday: Date Night

Movie Monday

It’s Movie Monday again on Everyday Enthusiasm, and this one’s going to prepare you for a special day this week: Date night.

My boyfriend is back in town from his summer job, which means I get to have date night again! And instead of fancy dinners or dressing up, my perfect idea for date night is sweats, popcorn, and a movie playing. Yes, I’m one of those people.

And that’s why this week’s Movie Monday is centered on movies that I think are perfect for date night, or really any night. If you want to see more of my writing on date night movies, click here to see my article on Her Campus.Read More

Movie Monday: Morgan's Recommendations

Movie Monday

Who’s ready for Movie Monday? I know I am!

Because I love movies I’m always looking for new recommendations that will keep my cinephile brain pleased. And I’m sure there are lots of people who are exactly the same. One of the best parts of film is getting to share it with others! That’s why I thought I’d share with you all some films that I recommend everyone watch. Trust me, you’ll be filling your Netflix at-home queue in no time!

Morgan’s Movies, ala Recommendations You’ll Definitely Watch

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant do a fantastic job of playing off one of the most interesting romances I’ve seen in so long. Julia Roberts basically plays herself (famous movie actress) and Hugh Grant plays the owner of a small travel bookshop in Notting Hill. Watching their romance grow and face many issues (mostly caused by Roberts’ character) is just fun, and Grant’s roommate is hilarious. Classic British film and definitely worth a watch.Read More

Why We Should All Watch "Men, Women & Children"

It’s common fact that I love movies and that I especially love sharing movies that I find interesting.

I went on a me-date on Saturday and went to see “Men, Women & Children” and it truly was a fascinating experience.

I hadn’t seen many of the previews, so I wasn’t anything of the film, but I knew it was about our Internet/texting-dependent lives. But I was excited because of the cast (hello, they put Jennifer Garner and Ansel Elgort in a movie!) and nonetheless took time out of my Saturday to go to the cinema.Read More

The Best Halloween Films

October is one of the best months for films, next to December of course. All these fantastic films about Halloween and horror and it’s just so exciting! So, in some Halloween spirit, I thought I would share with you the films that really get me in the spirit of scary!












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How to Enjoy a Movie

I am one of those people under the belief that a movie is a sacred thing. Not sacred as the cow to the Hindus, but it’s still a pretty special thing. So much work and money goes into making a movie, so it’s only fair to watch it with a certain amount of respect. Therefore, if you want to get the best movie experience, or just want to experience a movie like this film buff, here is how you do it.

How to Enjoy a Movie the Film Buff Way

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