The Yellow Brick Road of Mental Health

Hello all!

As you may notice, this is not a regular blog post. I am taking a little “me” day because my mental health needs a little love and attention today. Things have been a little rough lately and I need a little break to recoup and appreciate myself. I’ll be back on Friday to discuss my favourites, but for today, I’m going to do something for me.

And do something for you! Take a jog, make a smoothie, eat some cake, finish that craft.

Stay classy, Internet,


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What is High-Functioning Anxiety?

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed, even though you’re getting plenty done? Do you feel like you can never achieve success, even when you have achievements? You likely are a highly-functioning anxious person.

High-Functioning Anxiety

Today we are going to discuss what high-functioning anxiety (HFA) is, as discussed by someone who has it herself.Read More

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Good Vibes Only

If you’re looking for me, I am currently hanging “Good Vibes Only” signs all over my life.

This past weekend I was at a friend’s birthday party where a tarot card reader was hired. Now, I don’t believe in any of that supernatural ESP belief as a Christian, but also as someone who just believes it’s ridiculous to try to know what’s going on in life. But when it’s free I’ll try anything.

As skeptical as I was, I entered the experience with an open mind. When my turn came I walked into the room (a bedroom with a small table and a woman in a turban scarfing down carnitas tacos) and prepared myself for the whole “you’ll meet a dark stranger/you’ve had horrible hardships/you’ll die in 30 days” crap that I’ve seen in too many movies to count. But I was disappointed.Read More

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A Guide on Hiatus and Mental Health

Where have you been, Morgan?

As you might have noticed I have not posted on this blog in over a week. It’s been a little bare, but I promise I have a very good reason (there’s actually a few) as to why I have been missing and have now made my triumphant return.

And now, here is my very (GIFable) reasoning to taking a little break and coming back even badder than ever (and a college graduate). Let’s go!Read More

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How I Lassoed My Anxiety

Has your anxiety gotten the best of you?

A week ago I was sitting in my living room/kitchen (apartment life!) and chatting with my roommate about anxiety. She was in a place that I found myself in so much in the past year. That feeling that you can’t get enough done, that what needs to be done is piling faster than you can finish, and that while you know it will be done, that hope is fading fast. Possibly the worst feeling in the world.

I used to feel that all the time. It was rare to not see me struggling to breathe because there was too much to do. It was a horrible quality that I battled for far too long. And now that I don’t have that burden weighing me down on a daily basis, I feel it is my duty to share it with others. Because it is awful!

After about a year of therapy, a great supportive group of close friends/family, and making small life changes I have finally come to a place in my life where my anxiety is not crippling. It isn’t affecting my day-to-day life, it doesn’t hurt my relationships, and I can live my life feeling more like a plane than a tree root.

Are you ready to finally be free of horrible anxiety? Read on!Read More

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A Therapist For You, And a Therapist For You, And a Therapist For You

Everyone needs a therapist.

Read More