Here's to Making Better Decisions

“It’s not about how we live our lives to make bad things not happen. It’s about, as we get older, taking the bad events and making better decisions on how we handle them.”

See that quote? That quote is by far one of my favourite things I have ever been told. And today we’re going to talk about it.

Last week I went out with my boyfriend for his birthday with his mother and some of her coworkers. The table conversation had turned onto breakups and I told a person at the table about an issue I’d had in my love life over the summer. And he responded with that quote. And, by George, I was floored by how insightful he was.Read More

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Seven Inches Later: A Growing Up Story

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Hello Enthusiasts!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I know I am! This week my third article was published on Huffington Post Teen and as it is an article that means a lot to me and tells a story that I want to share with you, I thought I would also post the article here (it’s after the jump.) I hope you enjoy reading and feedback is always appreciated! Have a great Inappropriate Wednesday!Read More