My 10-Minute Makeup Routine

Makeup is one of those things where I wish I didn’t have to do it, but I love it at the same time. For nights out I enjoy the process of blending eyeshadow and applying highlighter. But when I’m getting at 6am, the idea of putting just foundation on is daunting.

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Inside My Makeup Bag: August 2017

Under my bathroom sink, in a large quilted bag, sits the tools for the natural look I go for every day. My makeup bag – like many others – is a reflection of myself. From my matte powder to my lengthening mascara, everything in there helps me show off my face in the best way possible.

inside my makeup bag

Earlier this year I shared my full cupboard of beauty products, and as time has changed and I’ve moved to another city, I thought it was time I shared the more condensed version of my current makeup bag.Read More

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Favourites Friday #74: Updating the Basics

I’m the kind of person who likes to change things up. I can’t remember the last time I had the same laptop background for more than a few months, and I’m moving my hydrangea plant to different spots every few days. I’m the same way with my makeup routine.


While I have products I love, I always welcome something new that adds to my basic look. This week I was able to find a few new products and tools that have {temporarily} replaced the products that I pick up day after day. Some are cult favourites, while others are ones that I couldn’t be more happy that I spent time snooping around the store.Read More

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My Favourite Blushes

As a fair-skinned woman who looks like a ghost when I wake up after my zzz’s, blush is my best friend.

Over the years I have tried many different blushes and found ones I love for colour, texture, and wearability. It is only when I really love a blush that I buy it again. Below are the blushes that have made it into my makeup bag again and again.Read More

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Spring 2017 Beauty Necessities

Spring is finally upon us if the flowers are any indication. I can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing a tulip or wildflower popping up. And I love it!

Spring Beauty Necessities

Along with updating my wardrobe for spring, I love changing up my beauty products to get that dewy, pink look. It’s exciting to find products that help my look bloom like a flower (yes, I went there) and help me to transition into summer.Read More

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10 Makeup Must-Haves for Your Beauty Bag

Everyone has that one product they need to have in their beauty bag. I have 10. The longer I play around with makeup the more I discover what I love and what makes me feel my best. And by now I think I have figured out what products do just that.


These are the products that will always be in my makeup bag because I know that they will never fail me. Ever.Read More

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My Guide to Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter is finally upon us. How do I know? The thick film of frost on my car this morning that took 10 minutes to defrost.

But more than adding 10 minutes to my morning schedule is the havoc that winter weather adds to my beauty routine. It’s time to change it up! More moisturizer, less bronzer, change up the blush, going down a foundation shade…it’s kind of a hassle. But no fear, The Enthusiast is here!

It’s time to dive into winter beauty! And as you’ll notice, for me, the natural look is in this wintery season.Read More

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My Favourite Beauty Products (Drugstore v High-End)

There is a constant struggle over which is better: Drugstore or high-end beauty products? Many say high-end because of the big price tag and great formulas, but many get along just fine with their $5 lipsticks.

As someone who has loved to try her fair share of both – loading up my Sephora basket more than once a week or sticking strictly to Target for big beauty hauls – I have found products on both ends of the spectrum that are amazing. So amazing that when needing to restock the only thing that matters is how much is in my bank account.

Today I’m going to share the products that have made it into my makeup bag, whether they cost $5 or $50.Read More

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My Favourite Fall Beauty Products

A few weeks ago I did my fall beauty essentials, and while I stick with those, I also have the products that I cannot leave behind when the leaves begin to fall.

I’ve broken my favourites out of storage for the beginning of the season and as I make my move to Portland I sincerely hope I can find a store close by so I’m never without them. Here’s my favourites!Read More

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Inside My Makeup Bag: Updated

A little over a year ago I finally got into makeup (I used to be adverse to even Chapstick) and since then it’s become a myriad of online Sephora trips and several hours in drugstore hours tying to find the perfect red lipstick.

Earlier this year I gave a sneak peek into my makeup bag and decided that as my collection is now spilling out of my bag, it was time I shared it with the lot of you. From the creams to the tubes, here’s everything I’ve been smearing on my face recently.Read More