Movie Monday: Feel Good Favourites

Movie Monday

It’s the third day of Everyday Enthusiasm, which means it’s Movie Monday!

Today I wanted to focus on feel good movies that I love, because it’s important when life is stressful to have a repertoire of films that make the stress go away just for a little bit. Personally, I love feel good movies that are able to take you to another mindset and let you fill up with joy for an hour and a half. And that’s why I’m going to share my favourites that do that.Read More

The Christmas Tag

It’s almost Christmas!

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Top Movie Couples

So, as I have made a list of the Top TV Couples you know there has to be a list of the top movie couples now. So, I have compiled a list of the top couples who have created the romance, the story, the beauty of coupleness in their movies.

1. Aurelia and Jamie
Even though the language barrier, Aurelia and Jamie end up having the most romantic relationship in Love Actually. They can communicate by emotions and not just by words, getting to know each other in an intimate way that is just too adorable. And when they each learn the other’s language, well, you never imagined a couple could be that cute.

2. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley
Every Harry Potter fan probably saw the coupling of Hermione and Ron early in the books. The term ‘opposites attract’ more than applies here. Brainy Hermione and slacker Ron create a couple that we know will stick through it until the end, will always be filled with love, and will always have their best friend Harry there to help them.

3. Andie Walsh and Duckie Dale
Although Andie originally ended up with Blaine, all true Pretty in Pink fan know that she should have ended up with Duckie. This dynamic duo were good friends who were supportive and in their lowest moments (such as prom) were there for each other to have a nice night. Gotta love Andie and Duckie!

 4. Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko
The best musical couple that ever lived, Grease made the bad boy/good girl couple into the coolest couple their is. Sandy with her sweater sets and Danny with his cigarettes, there wasn’t a single spot in the movie where the watcher doesn’t say, “Just get married already!”

5. Erica Barry and Harry Sanborn
When you have a polished writer and a New York playboy, you know Something’s Gotta Give. This couple with their completely different lifestyles (and completely different mates) makes their eventual reunion in Paris the most romantic reunion I’ve ever seen. This couple, by far, know how to make old love into young love.

I know there are plenty more but, with the vast world of movies, we’d be reading this until I’m 24!

Have a fantastic Saturday!

Favorite Holiday Films

If you have been reading this blog long enough, then you have probably gathered that I am a huge film buff. Movies are my life. And during the holidays film after film comes out, ready to be devoured by the Christmas-cheer-hungry people of the world. I love Christmas films and below I have compiled a list of my favorite movies to watch during the holidays (but not in order).

  1. Love Actually
    When people put this movie down because it’s too ‘romantic comedy’ it upsets me. It embodies the feelings of the Christmas spirit and love and is just so heart warming. I love to watch it during Christmas and tonight I’m going to watch it!
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    Such a cute little claymation movie that includes every Christmas myth and makes it into a sweet Christmas tale.
  3. The Santa Clause
    I only like the first Santa Clause because it’s the classic tale and definitely has the least We’re-just-gonna-add-on-to-a-really-great-movie feel to it. Tim Allen does such a good job of going from Scrooge to Santa and it’s such a cute, funny movie to watch while babysitting or in your own home.
  4. Polar Express
    After reading the book as a kid, this movie was like traveling back into my childhood. It is so magical and the watcher does feel like they’ve been transported on a journey to Santa’s workshop.
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    The truth is that during Christmas I constantly have ‘You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch’ stuck in my head. It’s like a constant tune always there. This movie teaches the real value of sharing and it brings tears to my eyes.
  6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    The title has always cracked me up and the movie is very cute. The little boy’s determination is pretty adorable. The only downside? You basically learn your dad is Santa Claus.
  7. A Charlie Brown Christmas
    A classic. Watch it.
  8. Anything on 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family
    All of the movies on the Countdown are perfect. Watch them everyday to really get into the Christmas spirit.