Relationship: Dating a MacBook (A Q&A)

It’s that time again! My life has become absolutely insane and I am doing a Q&A to A your Q’s about my personal life, writing, and everything else that makes up Teenage Enthusiasm! I have a delicious container of sushi and I’m ready, how about you?

Edit: I now have an Oreo milkshake and have gone to lactose-intolerance heaven and am typing this on an ice cream cloud.

What is your favorite class this term?

Definitely my Media Professions class. My professor is absolutely great and I am excited for all the guest speakers who are going to come in. Meeting people who have been successful in my field is something that I find a real treat, so I know I am going to love this class all term.

Do you have any book recommendations?

Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell. I’ve just started reading and I love it.Read More

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How Many Pale British Boys Can I Fit in One Post? (Man Crush Monday)

A few months ago I went on Instagram on a Monday and noticed that everyone was posting pictures of attractive males with the hashtag #ManCrushMonday.

I thought about joining in on the fun (we all know I love a good picture of someone attractive) but found that if I were to do that I’d be posting basically the same person every Monday. Because, let’s face it, I’ve had the same taste in boys since I was nine. (Before that my only crush had been on Peter Pan.)

Pale, brunette, and with an accent. (Dimples and curly hair optional.)

Read More

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Just Keeping You Updated

With the passing of Homecoming Week, I’ve found my schedule a bit freer. And that means being able to goof around all day. Well, not exactly. But I did get some new obsessions. And I felt the need to share them right here 🙂

I am a pin-addict. This website is the ultimate cork-board idea. Search your favorite items and put them into little boards. I find the most amazing things on there and am a huge fan. I find the best of the best on that website.

I’m talking about the new movie. You know, the one with Logan Lerman. I love Logan Lerman. I have such a fangirl crush on him. That’s probably the only reason I will go see it. Well, that and it’s in 3-D. I’m a sucker for Logan Lerman in 3-D

It’s a game app. You are given four basic elements (water, fire, air, and earth) and have to combine them to make other elements, and then use those to make even more elements. There are over 200 altogether. It’s beyond addictive.

The song by Martin Solveig & Dragonette. I put the song into Pandora. It’s the absolute best playlist ever.

And that’s me keeping you updated.

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Films That I'm Dying to See

For those who have been following my blog for a while now, you know I’m a huge film buff. I’m such a film buff that IMDB is my Internet best friend. Recently I’ve been around the web, catching up on films that are going to be coming out in the next year or two. They aren’t things that are coming out right now or anything, so the anticipation is really getting me. Hopefully (as sad as this is) you will read some of these and get as excited as I am and we can have a nice ol’ chat about our excitement. Or not.

A List of Films That I Am Dying to See (In the Future)

Like Crazy: A film about two lovers (an American and a Brit) who meet and fall in love. When she has to leave to go back to England, the two of them try to continue a relationship long distance. Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones star. It was featured at Sundance this year and will be released on 28 October. I like this film because I find long distance relationships the most tragic but completely thrilling of all relationships. Plus, I am a huge Anton Yelchin fan.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: I dedicated a whole post to the book that this film is based on. A tragic story about a boy who is trying to figure out how to live his life and how people really are. Very heart-touching. It stars Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as the leads. The film will premiere sometime in 2012 in the US. This is the film adaptation of my favorite book, so of course I’m excited!


Sin Bin: A coming-of-age film where a Chicago teenage boy loans out his large van to his friends for their sexual encounters with the ‘ladies’. It’s kind of a funny story line, but looks hilarious. And you can actually watch behind-the-scenes footage here from the friend of the writer and director. It features the talented Michael Seater and Emily Meade. I love what the film is about and that is takes place in Chicago and even has our multi-talented Bo Burnham to play as the villain. The release date for this is yet unknown, which angers me.

And those are the films that I am most looking forward to in the coming year or so. I’ve provided you with the links but you have to come up with the interest on your own!


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"Excuse Me, Can I Have Your Love?"

Celebrity crushes.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fair share of people who are famous that I just adore. Yes, I know that they will probably never return my feelings and/or ever know that I exist. But it’s like Santa Claus, you just have to believe.

I can’t explain celebrity crushes more than I can explain quantum physics. But I can say, if you don’t live under a rock, you might have one. People have lists of famous people who they would cheat on their spouses with, or that they’d lose their virginity to, or that they’d tattoo on their bottom. (Yeah, bottom sounds nicer.)

Personally, I don’t need a list. Just by talking to me, in an hour you can usually tell what my favorite movie, song, actor, actress, comedian, color, and pattern are. In that order. But if I had to make a list of my Top 4 Celebrity People I’d Marry, here it goes.

Top 4 Celebrity People I’d Marry

  1. Liam Dryden: My favorite Scottish person on Earth. I always look forward to your (rare) YouTube videos.
  2. Logan Lerman: I’ve been in love with you since your Jack & Bobby days.
  3. Charlie McDonnell: You’re British, funny, and love Doctor Who as much as me. Match made in heaven.
  4. Bo Burnham: It doesn’t matter how crude you are. You still make me laugh. And you have bloody gorgeous eyes.
In about two weeks, this list will probably change. Actually, I know it will change. Because two weeks ago, Logan Lerman was at the top. And then I came across Alex and Liam Do Wal-Mart and met Liam.
The best part of meeting a celebrity is the autograph. Oh my goodness, it’s better than water in the Sahara. Last summer I went to a Shakespeare festival and a friend of mine was really attracted to one of the actors. Well, one day we ran into him and she asked him for an autograph. Her face was all red and she was all excited. It was great. Getting an autograph from someone you really adore is just the best. Truly, it is the best. Like when I get my autograph from Dennis Quaid, I’ll probably faint.
Well, here we come to our close. I’ve told you my thoughts on celebrity crushes and given you my list of famous people I’d marry in a heartbeat. Feel free to write your own little list in the comments.