5 Ways I Prepare For a Busy Week

Lately it seems all I have is busy week after busy week. While I love taking on the challenge, it does take a certain bit of planning to ensure that everything is in place.

five ways i prepare for a busy week

On weeks where I know things are going to be full – long day at the office, weekends traveling – I always take one day out of my weekend to prepare everything so I feel on top of my game. Here’s my five steps for busy week preparation:Read More

7 Ways to Keep Calm at Work

Whether you work in an office or in your home, work can be stressful. From upset customers calling to yell on the phone, or simply facing disappointment when a project doesn’t work out, it is easy to lose cool when it isn’t smooth sailing.

I often face these issues as my job is multi-faceted and I become frustrated. When that happens my productivity goes down the whole and suddenly I’ve wasted hours because one thing upset me. That’s why I have my “Keep Calm and Carry On” office tricks for those stress out moments in the office.

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A Change Has Come {And Why It Was Needed}

There is a chance that if you are reading this you are noticing that The Enthusiast looks different today. Actually, it looks very different. A change has come to The Enthusiast as all great things change, and after six years, I figured it was time for a facelift. A better look, better content, better me.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

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My Favourite French Lifestyle Tips

All four years of high school I took French and I’ve never regretted the decision. Not only did I make some of the best friends of my life, but I was invited into a culture so unlike my own. From my time in the classroom – to my trip to France in 2012 – I have learned so much about the Parisienne lifestyle and have found some tips that I’ve applied to my own life.

French Customs

Today I’ll be sharing the seven lifestyle tidbits from the French that I think truly add to my life.Read More

11 Tiny Changes That Improved My Life

I am all about life improvement. I truly believe that each person can become better, whether it be in their personal relationships, their diet, or their productivity (or anything else). That’s why I spend a lot of time changing up my routine to better myself.

Tiny Changes to Improve Life

This week I thought I would share the 11 {very tiny} changes I made to my life so far in 2017 that have really improved my life for the better. They have made me healthier, more alert, and overall a better person.

I hope that you will see these tip and try incorporating them into your own life and see what a difference they make! Enjoy!Read More