Favourites Friday #42

As I enter my post-grad life and do the exhausting dance of 9-5 Monday through Friday, I realize now that it is the small luxuries that make or break my day.

This week has been a long one. And when I get ready to leave for work at 8am I need all the special beauty love I can get to make sure I feel beautiful until I get home and change into sweats. Because feeling beautiful is important!

This week I focused on the things that made me feel beautiful and I hope if you try them you’ll feel as beautiful as I do!

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Favourites Friday #38

When life is a little too much, how do you deal?

Recently the list of everything I’ve had going on has gotten kind of long. Don’t believe me? Let me make you a list:

  1. Finishing up school
  2. Working my day job
  3. Starting a new business
  4. Doing my side job of being a virtual assistant
  5. Running this blog
  6. Practicing for my drive test
  7. Finding somewhere to live in a month
  8. Maintaining social relationships

That’s a lot! But even when things are this insane, I know there are certain things that keep me sane in the face of stress. And this week, that’s what I’m celebrating.

This week’s Favourites Friday is about everything this week that has kept me in the right mind and not bogged down with stress. Thank goodness for these things!

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Favourites Friday #18

Okay, who’s ready to hear about my super exciting weekend?

This weekend I am meeting a myriad of characters that I love. They are as follows: The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) of Doctor Who, Alex Kingston of Doctor Who, Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who, Krysten Ritter of Jessica Jones, William Shatner of Stark Trek, John Barrowman of Torchwood, and Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls and that’s just my favourites.Read More

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Favourites Friday #15

Wait, it’s already Friday?!?!

Welcome to the end of the third week of January, aka the coldest week ever, and it’s time to celebrate the weekend with some favourites that make everything a little bit brighter and a whole lot warmer.

This week’s favourites are centered around products that I discovered this week that I just fell in love with. They are products that add a little skip to my step and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too for adding a little pizzaz to what otherwise was a dark and cold week.

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Favourites Friday #14

It’s Favourites Friday!

After a long week of making life decisions and designing newspaper pages (much more complex and exciting than you would expect) we are finally to the weekend and I am ready to let loose! And by let loose, I mean design more newspaper pages and drink almond berry smoothies. Maybe watch a movie?

No matter what your weekend plans are, start them off with this week’s favourites. They range from high to low, but I promise they won’t disappoint.

Who’s ready?

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Favourites Friday #13

Who else is ready to recover from the Favourites Friday hiatus?

After spending much too much time not doing a Favourites Friday, I have a big list of favourites that I’m just waiting to share with you! It’s been a crazy few weeks (Christmas, New Years, winter break, the blog turning five, etc.) and I’m ready to get back into the normal swing of things. And by normal, I mean the enthusiastic!

This week’s favourites are all the products that I have sampled/tried/purchased/etc. since the last Favourites Friday that I am just flipping out over! And I have every right to because December was my month of discovering amazing things! Hopefully you’ll find them as amazing as I did.Read More