Movie Monday: 'Paper Towns' Review

Movie Monday

Welcome back to Movie Monday on Everyday Enthusiasm! Today I thought I’d review something that has been quite the buzz lately: Paper Towns.

I went to see Paper Towns with my boyfriend a few weekends back and as we left the theater I kept thinking, “I need a bigger audience to vent to.”

Let me start off this review with saying 1) If you enjoy whining teenage love, you will enjoy this 2) This is not for people who found everything wrong with the Twilight love story and 3) It is really well done as a film.

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So, Thank You Internet (March Guest Post)

It’s time for my March guest post! I have been building up the excitement for this for a week or so now and I am so excited to finally share it! This month I am excited to bring you Haley from Her Mirror! Haley is a new friend on the blogging scene, but I have grown incredibly close to her in such a short time! She is my Blogging Little Sis and it’s been amazing working together with her on this post. You’ll learn quickly while reading this that we have a lot in common. I know you will all fall in love with her as you read, so make sure to leave her super sweet feedback! So, here’s Haley, the fabulous March guest blogger about to grace your screen!


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John Green Got it Right

If you’ve been following my vague tweets all week, you’ll know that what I want to discuss today isn’t all laughs and squeaks. It’s something that has affected my life and all my classmates lives and many more in my community. It’s something that I’ve wanted to discuss for a while now, but haven’t had the motive to until now. Today isn’t all about laughs. I want to do something I rarely do: Be serious.


The very word makes you shiver. You can feel the negative connotation. It’s this word that has taken many from us and will continue for quite a while.

About four years ago a girl in my class was diagnosed with cancer. For these four years she has fought bravely and has been an inspiration to us all. Monday morning my teachers announced that she had passed away. There was not one person in the Senior class who had the pleasure of having class with her who didn’t feel…broken inside.

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