Why People Aren’t Perfect


Sorry for not being the best blogger in the interwebs, but once all these uni essays are over with, you will have my FULL and UNDIVIDED attention!

So, shall we discuss why people aren’t perfect?

I feel like we should backtrack to last weekend. As I said two posts ago, I took my SAT last weekend, and the only reason I was happy to do it was so that I could spend time with my BFF afterwards. But that’s only half true. I love Katy and all, but half of the appeal of hanging out with her was getting to watch JacksGap (check them out here on YouTube) for six hours.

What is JacksGap? Let me tell you. There are three things that make me weak in the knees.
1) Adorable boys 2) British people 3) Twins

I think you now see why I basically adore Jack and Finn.

Anyway, so when we’d watched our fair share of JacksGap, I decided to read some of the comments on the videos because I get a kick out of that kind of stuff. So I’m reading these comments and about 80% of them say, “You are both so perfect! Marry me!”

And it got me thinking.

They are human beings just like you and me, so what makes them perfect if we are not? Who cares if they are the grandsons of one of my favorite playwrights (*cough* Michael Frayn *cough*) they aren’t perfect. Just very handsome.

And that got me thinking about all of the times we’ve all sat around thinking about actors or models or the ridiculously pretty girl in your Government class with flawless skin and thought they were perfect. But no one is perfect. We’ve all got problems. We just don’t always show them. If you were to meet me, you might think, “Wow, Morgan is really calm. I bet she’s never stressed.” You would be WRONG. I have lots of stress, more stress than I would like to share. But, as I don’t want people to hide behind lockers when I walk by them, I tend to keep a lot of my stress internalized and put on a happy face. See, I’m not perfect. I just know where to put my problems.

It’s so easy to think that someone who is attractive or who seems to breeze by in life is perfect, which is unfortunate. If we just take the part that really matters, you realize that we are all made the same and we all have problems. We all have family issues, or acne, or bad grades, or allergies, or bad relationships, or ugly haircuts, etc. Someone could think you are perfect because you never seem to have a worry and have nice hair. And you think that you are the most imperfect individual ever. Just keep that in perspective.

So, next time you’re sitting on a train and thinking, “Wow, that boy is hawt” (like I did for a lot of my train rides in Europe) remember that like you and me, he isn’t perfect, no matter how perfect his face may look.

Just wanted to put that on your minds as you go into the week. I hope you all have lovely days ahead of you.

Also, please keep me in your prayers this week as I work a major deadline for an application that could pay my entire tuition. Your thoughts would mean the world to me!

Keep it classy internet,

e.l.f. cosmetics

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m a person of simple needs. I’m not very complicated or fussy. But without certain things, I’m just a blob of flesh. So, to let you all in on what makes me tick, here is my list of ten things that I most definitely cannot live without. (besides air, food, water, and shelter)

1. Scarves

Some of my actual scarves. These are all my favorite ones.

I really don’t like having to buy a bunch of really fancy tops because those cost money and I’m a student who makes minimum wage. So, to jazz up one of my tshirts or sweaters, I like to use a scarf. I own about 25 scarves, which is a lot compared to everyone I know. How did I get into the scarf fanatics? I was reading an interview with Selena Gomez and she was talking about how she has a whole drawer filled with scarves and I was like, “Hmmm, let’s try scarves!” So yeah, scarves are a daily part of my wardrobe. They are my life source.

2. Laptop

The HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 Entertainment Notebook in Linen White. Aka, my baby.

As I said last Monday, I just got my new laptop and I love it. Honestly, I went two years with a laptop and one without, and it was tough. I didn’t realize how much I used my laptop until I didn’t have one! And I don’t just use it for like Facebook and Twitter. No, I use it for writing class essays, emails, research papers, discovering new blogs, etc. It’s something that I use daily because so much on my life needs to be done with a computer. I’m not dependent on technology but I really like having my laptop to get me from Point A to Point B when it comes to getting stuff done.

3. Foundation

L’Oreal’s BB cream. What are some other great brands I should try?

Unfortunately, when God created me he put oily skin in my genes. So I have acne (though not much). Plus, I’m __% Irish and have very fair, red skin. Therefore, when it comes to getting ready and looking presentable, I love to use a little foundation to even me out and not look like a giant zit head. I do not leave the house unless I have foundation on. And for those who have seen my bare face, we all know it’s a whole lot better with foundation on.

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